"32 New Compatible Devices"

Lists Enerwave Motion PIR, yet there is no new DH handler for this and it detects as a Z Wave Motion that DOES NOT WORK… displays constant motion as it always has.

Where is the official support for these devices as was announced?

PIR is a function of your device and not something ST would handle. You may need to adjust the sensitivity of your device based on manufacturer directions.

Thank you for the reply but that is not the issue here.

The issue is the device detects motion even when stored in a motionlessness dark drawer for 24 hours.

When ST announces a device is now compatible, one would expect to be able to install the device and have it work. This is not the case. I am not sure what the announcement was for if not that the device was officially working and integrated with ST.

could be a bad motion detector… I had (have) an Iris sensor that does the same thing.

Not the case, the device works great with a custom DH. Have about 10 of these and they all are working with the custom DH.

Looking at their documentation, it should be just a Z-Wave Motion Sensor device type, but looking at the device type in the IDE I don’t see any fingerprint deviceId’s listed to help pair properly.

How does your custom device differ from ST’s?

Using custom DH’s from this thread:

However, I’d like to move to ST support’d DH - so when they announce them I tore one down, reset it and tried to pair it and it does not work. This is trival exercise, but a pain in the neck to do only to find it it doesn’t work and i need to set it up again with the custom DH. Re-add the smart apps, all the various configurations and links, etc.

I want the official ST support they listed for several reasons - 1) ensuring I have a working device, the custom ones seem to work but I have variying issues with sensitivity, I feel I could be more assured are as good as they get with a officially supported DH, 2) I want to be prepared to run opps locally when possible by using supported DH and SAs etc.

Why did you do that? All you needed to do was go into the IDE and set the device type to ZWave Motion sensor, or scroll through the list to see if one was created specifically for this device.

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Because I did that first and it did not work - showed constant motion.

Logical next steps in troubleshooting were to tear down the device entirely and repair.

Ok, can you try the device type Motion Detector? This is just to see of it resolves the motion always on issue. Battery reporting isn’t in the DH.

I agree that if ST announces something like this that DH’s should be there. I’d email support for sure. I’d stay with your DH until you hear what support says. Sorry I couldn’t be more help to ya’.

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Thoughts here?

Hey @slagle, what’s going with all the weirdness with ST?

Sorry for hijacking this post, but things aren’t right. I’m sitting here watching a closet light turn off and on for no reason, bathroom switches turning on by themselves, etc…


Ditto. Kids birthday slumber party… it’s turning into a haunted house. Seems Lighting Director lights have no sense of “turn off after xx minutes”… again…

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