3 Way switch Wiring—help needed

I’m at a loss, have spent quite a while scratching my head trying to figure out my wiring situation.
In my main box, I have the load lines coming from the bottom, but then 3 sets of romex going up. Far right goes to an outdoor light, Far left is the 12/3. In the middle is another 12/2 with the black coming from the outdoor light switch black and white off of the twisted set of white wires in the box.

What I suspect, is it is wired like a power at the light, but I have access to neutral wires at the main box. Is it still possible to wire this? Thanks.

If that neutral wire is on the same circuit breaker branch for the light you are trying to get working then yes. If the neutral is not on the same circuit breaker then NO.

Yes, Neutral is on same breaker, which wiring diagram would I use? Looked at this FAQ. [FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

Use the diagram that matches your wiring configuration. You have to figure it out. Find out where the load and line hot of your 3 ways wiring first. You can trace it by opening up all the boxes and identify the romex or use a volt meter to identify the wiring.

If the line or load isn’t in the box where you want it to be, then use the unused wire of the 12/3 to bring it into the box where you want it. This is doable because traditional 3-way switches required 3 conductor between the pair of switches, but smart switches only require 2.

Thank you, this is what I was wondering.

So, your left switch is wired into 3 wires directly into one loomex, correct? The fact that the white is connected to the black screw means that’s the constant hot, and the other two wires are travellers.

Does your other switch box have any white wires not connected to the switch?

Basically, you need to determine if the switch box or the light box has the power feed coming into it for this switch. It’s not legal to use a neutral for a circuit that isn’t bundled (within the same wiring jacket)