3 way light switches, neutral?

Hi there, I’m trying to install smart dimming switches to my kitchen lighting where there are two switches currently connected 3way. One of the switch box shows a bunch of white wires connected together which are neutrals, but when I opened the second switch box, there wasn’t the same, instead, there are four wires a ground that’s is not even connected to the switch and a black, red and white connected to the switch. Could the white be a neutral? Or would you say there is no neutral in this box?

This is the box that only has one white to the switch.


Yep there is your neutral

That is normal. Current setup with dumb switches doesn’t require a neutral so one isn’t there. GE switches with Aux require only neutral and traveler at Aux switch so you will “send” neutral over to your second switch. Red wire will be traveler and black wire will be capped as it’s no longer needed.

There is a GE FAQ article with 100s of posts explaining this type of setup.

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