2Gig CT100 Thermostat - Can't Control

I recently paired this thermostat with my new ST hub. It recognized it. In the app, though, I have very little control over it. The current temperature and mode show up, but any attempts to change the temperature fail. Whenever I open the device in the app, I get the following message:

“This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.”

It has been several hours. I have seen plenty of issues with connecting, but that is not my issue. I’m connected. But just barely. Any suggestions? Thanks.

@Dandolo I’m having the same issue with the CT 101. “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.” I think this is because the Humidity is not being reported from the thermostat. This is an old problem that they eventually fixed in the DTH and Rboys driver. If you’re running it on batteries without the C wire you will also need a beaming repeater within a few feet. It looks like they made the Edge driver from the old DTH that the humidity never worked, ate through batteries, and wouldn’t wake it up properly because it was on batteries! If Rboy ever converts his Enhanced Zwave thermostat driver to edge then it will work fine. Are you using aa Edge driver or the old DTH.

@Dandolo I see you just got the Smartthings hub and may not be aware. Smartthings is going through a transition from Groovy to Edge drivers. You may want to read through some of the posts in the following.

There are a lot of helpfull members on this forum which are willing to help. Just ask.

Thanks very much for the reply and help! I’m new to Smartthings, and appear to have arrived at an interesting time… The stock driver definitely doesn’t work correctly. The error message remains and it has extremely limited functionality. (Reports current temperature and state, and can change mode remotely, but that’s it.) It is battery powered.

It sounds like I just has to wait for a third party Edge driver? Is it possible to still use the old Groovy DTH?

Thanks again for helping a newbie.

If you didn’t load the Edge driver from the beta channel than your probably using the old Dth. You can no longer add the Rboy Dth Enhanced Zwave thermostat driver that worked with the CT 100 and 101. There was a link that you would go to called IDE where you were able to load custom apps and drivers that has limited functionality now. Everything is done through the Cli or command line. There are a lot of community members creating drivers and helping with the transition. The link below will allow you to access the CLI through a gui and provides a lot of information about devices and such. I would set this up so you can see your devices and whether they are using a DTH or Edge driver. It was created by Taustin and he is one of the members that you should definitely read his posts. He has a lot of excellent info

Also, another developer named Mariano_Colmenarejo he has written most of the Edge drivers and they really work well. Another member that you should read also has excellent information. Read the below .

Pay attention to posts by @JDRoberts he has a lot of very useful information and I figured out most of my Smartthings stuff from reading posts from him since I moved over to Smartthings 5 years ago.

Ask lots of questions, everyone is very nice here and will help you.