25 days into October

25 days into October and I’ve recorder 37 issues. Routines not changing. system not responding, etc.

I’ve had ST since the V2 came and things just continually degrade.

Time to go in a different direction.

Tired of getting the bullshit response. “we’re working on it.” Seems their fixes a;ways break something else.

Totally unreliable system and service.


Yes, it is hard to imagine how we all got this far. I don’t think they will ever fix or make it remotely stable before the next company comes along with a better solution.

It is very disappointing.


We are definitely listening to you! We have two major workstreams in place to address this:

  1. Maintaining the current platform - It sucks when scheduled events fail, devices stop reporting, and mobile apps crashes. We know these are issues and have a teams working on incremental updates to improve the event stream (Vlad’s updates are super transparent), update first and third party firmware for devices, and build a new mobile experience (with better failure logging!).

  2. Architecting a new platform - I am not announcing a timeline, but there is a big team actively working on this (ie the ship is sailing).


Also, some changes this week should start showing improvements. It’s a bit technical so I will ask someone who can address the details to chime in with more info.


Does it mean that SmartThings gave up on fixing the current platform?

No… Maintaining might not have been the best word. We currently have a team (Vlad and co) working on improving customers’ experience with the current backend architecture (like I said, there were changes today that are too technical for me to properly explain, but should be helping)

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What happened to the ‘Holy Grails v2.5.4’ upgrade that @alex bragged about? Did it ever happen? Will it ever happen?


Dude don’t You remember When they tried to roll that out… it crashed so bad that people on wink and vera were feeling it… I’m pretty sure that’s when Alex went dark as well.

As the knight said… they chose poorly


Yes, right after that is when @Alex sat down at his desk 20 feet away and never made another sound.

I totally forgot about the Grails update. Didn’t forget about the result though…


Did he actually drink from it? Oh, nooooooo…

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what 37 issues were there and do you have proof that these wee ST issues? i cannot remember the last issue i had in my home. if there ever is an issue than 99% its bc i forgot something.

It’s probably not user error. See the official status page from today:


So why don’t we rewrite the ST environment? Oh snap, last time I asked a similar question, got feisty at @JDRoberts. Going back in my corner now ;))) mwahahahaha


It is likely the only good path forward.

I bet you cannot do it. Nanah nanah boo boo, you cannot do it, you cannot do it…(did it work? last time someone doubted you, you built CoRE)


In theory, maybe. It took SmartThings almost two years to launch V2 hub, and even a year after launch it’s still not feature-complete - no USB, no Bluetooth, no much hyped local execution, no cell modem backup, etc. The Extend TV stick has been delayed by almost a year. Given this track record, how long do you think it’ll take them to re-write the platform? 10 years?


Oopsie, all my outdoor lights (OSRAM Lightify) stopped working…

ST made an oopsie…

@Aaron @slagle @vlad


I know a lot less about these things than most people out her but could part of the problem be the openness of ST? The ability to connect with many things and the allowance of community written apps and device handlers?

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Is it the Osram Gardenspot or Osram Lightstrip? Can you paste what the type of the device is from the IDE?


It’s an Osram A19 full color bulb