240v Relay for in-wall control of lights

Anyone know of something compatible with ST that is 240v for me to use in Australia? Aeotec’s AU or UK versions (therefore 240v) are not on the same Z-Wave frequency as ST as far as I understand it…

Ahhh - so you have a US SmartThings hub rather than an Australian one?

(I.e. you didn’t back the Kickstarter project but instead purchased later via the SmartThings store or Amazon?)

Go for Vision ZL7432US http://www.amazon.com/Vision-Z-Wave-Micro-Switch-relay/dp/B00R883YKU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437676762&sr=8-1&keywords=vision+7432us

Yes, that’s right, i do have the US one. I’ve just got it working with