220v US shape Wall RF switch with physical buttons?

I’m looking for something like the Broadlink TC2, but I don’t really like the “touch” glass panel and would prefer physical momentary buttons.

I found something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/433MHz-RF-Wireless-Remote-Control-Switch-86-Wall-Panel-Transmitter-1-2-3-Button-/122717415359 but it’s not physically connected to the light bulb… just an RF transmitter (and it’s not US type mount).

Any ideas? Thanks!

To be clear, are you looking for something that actually controls the circuit branch, that is, that gets wired into the Mains and replaces a regular switch ?

Or are you looking for something which is battery operated and communicate to the smartthings hub which then passes the message along to either smart bulbs or other smart switches on your system?

And you are in the US, correct?

There should be quite a few options, but it will depend on the answers to these questions.

Meanwhile, take a look at the buttons and remote FAQ. It has some devices of all of these types. :sunglasses:

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Most of the posts will include a link to a discussion thread on that particular device. Please take any follow on questions about specific devices to those threads, and don’t post them in the FAQ. ( or, of course, come back and ask them here.) The FAQ is just supposed to be one or two posts per device so it’s easy to read through later. Thanks!

I’m looking for something that

  • actually controls the circuit, but can be controlled via Smartthings (WiFi, RF, etc.)
  • has physical buttons
  • is cheap.

The reason I look for RF is that I think that’s the cheapest choice I’ve seen so far (TC2 is around $20-30) and I already have Broadlink RM Pro set up.

I live in Thailand, but we use the same wall mount as in the US (rectangular) but 220V. I’m now using the TC2.

I tried looking through the FAQ, but couldn’t find anything yet.

Thanks again. I don’t know what this forum would be like without you!

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Thanks. :sunglasses: Which exact model of the smartthings hub are you using? The 220 V requirement is going to make it more complicated.

I’m using v2 hub.

Yes, but which full model number? In particular, is it on the US zwave frequency or the UK zwave frequency?

Oh my bad. It’s US Z-wave frequency.

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OK, your best bet is probably going to be to get an in wall micro and then you can use it with any dumb switch that you want. :sunglasses:

Because you need to 220 V, though, The US Z wave frequency options are very limited, and they aren’t going to be inexpensive.

So if I were in your situation I would look at a Sonoff Wi-Fi micro. Most of their models can handle 220 V, but verify that.

Talk to the people in the following thread, and they should be able to help you figure out a configuration.

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