Single Push Button Battery Operated Switch

Does a smartthings compatible single button battery operated switch exist? I’ve seen the aeon remotes for about $45 that have 4 physical buttons. Something cheaper with a single button would be awesome.

There is one at Lowes for their Iris system. I don’t know if it will work with ST, though. Not sure if it is zwave/zigbee or something else. I think it has been mentioned on the forums here, though.

I saw it today; however, it didn’t mention either spec… I think it’s zigbee though so it would be incompatible.

ST can easily use Zigbee devices, except the Iris branded stuff at Lowes because they’re using their own version of the Zigbee standard. It’s too bad because they have a good price point. At least the Iris stuff that Lowes sells that are Zwave devices will work.

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I’m pretty sure the button is the special iris zigbee you refer to.

I don’t know if this helps, but I’ve read somewhere that someone modified a door monitor switch to work as a button.
I’ve been laying off to give it a try myself. If I’m not mistaken there should be a reed switch in it. Depending on how it’s setup, you might need a NC or NO switch to do what you need.

I created something like that for the multi sensor – look up “multi use for multi sensor” in shared apps in the IDE.

I really was wanting something low cost (under $20.) I think a multi might be too costly for a button switch. I could just run a little cabling and add a physical switch for less at that point. I’ll check it out it out though. Thanks!

If ST had Insteon support (hopefully in v2 of the Hub, but I have not heard anything official on that yet). then you could use one of their remotes.

Crossing fingers…especially since Revolv is shutting down and a bunch of people with Insteon equipment will be looking for a home similar to what they had.

That would definitely be neat. More importantly though, smart things should really ramp up partnerships with other major players in smart home devices, since revlolv was one of the only serious players until google bought them out. I really don’t like the apple/google ownership as they will try to create their own distinct and proprietary home automation platforms like they do with their os’s. I could see amazon bandwagoning and failing miserably trying to do the same with their ecosystem. Smart Things can really separate themselves even from giants like apple and google if they can secure major partnerships, continue the openness of the platform and most importantly, make smartthings easier to use for the non-tech savvy. I have an IT consulting firm, so I would like to think I’m reasonably tech savvy, yet I have had difficulty setting up certain devices. Simplifying use without stripping functionality is what needs to happen on top of the previously mentioned need for strategic partnerships and mass device support.

You could use an Aeotec Panic Button mounted behind a decora plate, but this is also not a cheap solution ~$40-$50 if you can even find one. Just another idea.

I asked the question under a separate topic yesterday. I was wondering whether the 2gig wireless doorbell would work. it’s priced from $25-35.

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I know that the inexpensive Monoprice Open/closed sensor has a set of terminals on it so that they can be used for things like switches and other hard wired open/close sensors. Check out this thread where a user has created an easy button using these monoprice sensors. They can usually be had for around $28 shipped from the monoprice website.

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It is ironic that we can now buy ZigBee light bulbs (GE Link) for $15, but cannot get a simple on/off or momentary-button switch for under $20.

The market is screaming for it (or at least I am…).


I agree this would be a useful device. I’m thinking of getting a smart outlet to control a light in my house so that I can turn it on when I’m away. But when I’m at home I want normal control over it. Currently the lamp plugs into the wall and I turn it on and off via the switch on the lamp. I’d need to leave the lamp on all the time for the smart outlet to control it, which means I’ll need to be reaching behind furniture to hit the switch on the smart outlet. Sure, I can control it via my phone, but I’d rather have the lamp look like every other lamp that is controlled by a switch on the wall.

I so wish there existed a simple switch that looks like a Decora light switch, that would fit in my existing box, or even just on top of the wall with a battery (that lasted a year or so) that I could assign to actions or lights. It would completely circumvent the issues I have with simple (no ground or neutral) wiring with LED bulbs.

Please. someone. make this.


I totally agree.

If it doesn’t need high voltage wiring, then this might not be too expensive to produce.

Decora style rocker cover plates for a plain Momentary switch shouldn’t be hard to source, and ZigBee is well under $10 in quantity.

Durability and battery life is a challenge.

This is a trivial project for GE or other lighting companies or SmartThings. Is it really lucrative for anyone else?

Cooper makes a zwave dimmer switch that is battery powered, but expensive, $99

SmartenIT makes a nice 3 toggle zigbee switch for $50 that works well. This is the one I’m using for hello home actions:

not to awake an old topic, but, looking for an switch myself.
have looked at the New switch for the phillips hue, not the clicky button, but the battery operated one.
Wondering if this is a zigbee “universal” switch, anyone know?

There are now a number of single button options, including one just recently released by Iris that is a Zigbee device. We track those in the following topic (this is a clickable link)

FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings

The new Philips remote is being worked on by some community members, but at present does not work well with SmartThings. You can pair it, but SmartThings doesn’t recognize the button presses. It works well as a parallel means of control, for example in a guestroom, but it can take SmartThings about five minutes to know what the status of the bulb is (which it gets by polling the Hue bridge), and you can only use the Philips remote to control a single group of Zigbee light bulbs.

In contrast, the three new Iris Zigbee devices can be used like a minimote or the smartenit 3 toggle and used to trigger zigbee devices, Z wave devices, mode changes, SHM alarm status, etc.

But again, just see the topic to above, it lists pretty much everything that’s working now and is updated regularly. :sunglasses: