2020 Rundown: Arlo Products and new V3 app?

Thanks for the info. I’ve only had ST & Arlo for a few years. I originally went with Arlo over Ring because it was an official “Works with SmartThings” on both Samsung and Arlo’s websites.

I just got off a chat with Arlo support to ask about ST being unable to trigger a recording on Arlo cameras via ST Automations after the recent ST app transition. (Arlo case #41958426). They are escalating to a higher tier support for review. I’m not holding my breath, as my previous Cases with Arlo tend to “disappear”… so when I follow up with them a week or two later, no one can find the info, and they create a new case (supposedly). This support person seemed much more helpful than the ones I had earlier this year, so maybe we’ll get lucky. I’ll post an update if I hear anything.


I hope Samsung and Arlo fix this. In the meantime the smartapp “Arlo Triggered Record” appears to still trigger recordings from sensors.


I never knew about the ‘Arlo Triggered Record’ SmartApp, nice!

I just removed the custom routines in the SHM that I was using in the old SmartThings Classic app to record on the Arlo cameras triggered by other sensors over to the ‘Arlo Triggered Record’ SmartApp. Finally, the old SmartThings Classic app is useless to me now :grin:.

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Where is this Arlo Triggered Record smartapp you talk of? Must have!

I just tried to give you the link but wasn’t allowed, got 33 pm’s saying my post was hidden by the community.


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Arlo Triggered Record SmartApp


About the Arlo Triggered Record SmartApp. I would like to be able to select multiple triggers for the same device type instead of just one. I’m no groovy programmer, but I see in some other SmartApps where ‘multiple: true’ is included on input lines which allows me to select multiple devices of the same device type as triggers in those SmartApps. So, would this SmartApp still work if I added ‘multiple: true’ to the input motion and input contact lines of the SmartApp code and then selected multiple devices of the same device type as the trigger?


input “motion”, “capability.motionSensor”, title: “Motion Sensor?”, required: false, multiple: true

input “contact”, “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Contact Sensor?”, required: false, multiple: true

Update: I just did this and the Arlo Triggered Record SmartApp still works when I selected multiple same devices as the trigger and only one of the devices was triggered. Sweet!

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As a follow-up for anyone reading this later… Arlo wasn’t any help. They requested a ton of details (which I supplied), and then disappeared for a few weeks. I checked back via chat with Customer Support, and they said they were still working on it, but would provide a status within 48 hours. Well a few days later, I got a response that said they checked my Arlo firmware and it was up to date, and they didn’t know about any issues with ST, and I should check with ST instead. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: It took them 2 weeks to tell me something I already knew, and then claimed to not know of any issues, after originally acknowledging that there was a disconnect between ST and Arlo.

So, I come back here, and someone has already posted a link to a Smart App that does what we need. Ironic that a few ST end-users and home developers can solve the problem that Arlo engineers could not even troubleshoot correctly.
Nice work @DaWeav and @Jake_Mohl!

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@DaWeav posted this in another thread:

I’m not sure exactly which features are supported by each model though.