2018: New Universal Log-in URL for the IDE and access to your web account

OK, so this actually started in 2017, but it’s really important. :sunglasses:

You will see a lot of older threads, including some FAQs, throughout the forum that will tell you which URL to start from when you need to get into your smartthings account. Often there will be a reference to a “Shard.”

This typically comes up when someone says they signed in but everything looks blank, no smart apps, no devices. That usually means they accidentally got signed in to the wrong part of the accounts database. Typically because they followed a link from an older forum post or a github directory which took them to one of the segmented shards.

And starting in 2017, some people had Samsung IDs and some people had smartthings IDs and Log-ins got even more complicated.

As of 2018 everybody can use the same universal login URL:


So use that. And if you see any posts in the forum the tell you to access your smart things account through some other URL you can do everything they tell you to except don’t use the regional URLs, use the universal one above. It will take you to your account, and from there you can follow all the other instructions. :sunglasses:

Also, if you are responding to anyone else’s post in the forum and you want to give them a starting URL, give them the universal URL. Not your own, because you might be on a different shard than they are.

Carry on. :tada:


Yes! Long time coming, extremely helpful in avoiding the “Where’d my smartapp/DTH/Devices go?!?!” issues. Very cool.

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JD thank you for the Univeral Login post.

Unfortunately as of yesterday or so, there is a new login problem that is being tracked at this link

Some people can’t log in, others, like me, are required to double login.

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Useful Post, thanks!

Shards still exist, but the https://account.SmartThings.com should automatically re-direct your browser to the correct web page, so it’s the safest approach; especially if SmartThings starts juggling stuff around with telling us.

If you’re interested in the background information, or if the login / IDE still doesn’t seem right, you might find the old approach and FAQ to be useful:


Thanks for the info. I’m one of the people that still am getting a prompt to create a second account. I’ve opened a support ticket as I don’t want to do anything that may lose my custom DH’s and SA’s. I’ll wait to see what they say. Its been down since friday.