2018 new SmartThings branded devices discussion

Here’s what I found out.


So I have had the new buttons for a couple of week. They look good. And when the work are great. Problem is the do not keep their connection. I put a smartthings outlet in the room to act as a repeater and that seemed to work for a little but now they are disconnected again. I was able to get them connected but now they don’t work. Any clue on how to make these more reliable.

The fact these buttons drop off is not what I wanted to hear, mine arrive tomorrow. I specifically chose the ST branded buttons so as to avoid this very scenario. Are they connected directly to the hub or repeater? I would add one next to the hub, and leave it there to see how it performs, maybe the repeater is funky.

They are connected directly to the hub first. How would you connect to the repeater, which is just an zigbee outlet (samsung)

The ST smart plug is not a reliable zigbee repeater, so they could be dropping for this reason.

What would you suggest as the most reliable zigbee repeater?

I just bought 2 buttons, really like them compared the Iris button I had before.

I noticed that with the default DTH I cannot see the “double press” event in WebCore. Only the single press and hold events. Has anyone else noticed this and know why?

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Well if you wanted to go super nerd you could get an Xbee module, as that is what it’s designed for, to route zigbee traffic. But first I would turn your hub off and take the batteries out if it has them, for 20 minutes, then leave the button close to the hub, see how it performs.

Anyone know if the new motion sensor is quicker at detecting motion than the previous model?

I don’t have one yet, but I’ve heard from others it’s very responsive.

I didn’t have any of the previous models, but I did pick up one of the new ones and boy is it fast. It’s much faster than the Zooz I have in the house.

I have one old one and one new one. Both Smartthings branded. The new one works much faster and more reliably.

In my case it was faster than a Fibaro motion sensor however I was chalking it up to one being “local” and the other being a “cloud” device.

Hi, can anyone tell me if these new 2018 smartthings sensors will be ok to use with my v2 hub and the newer app, or they just for the v3 hub, thanks

They are standard zigbee/Z-Wave devices. They work just fine on the v2 hub. I really like the new motion sensors, they are super quick and accurate.

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Zigbee vs zwave as well. :wink:

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Any stock left? None of the sensors are available for purchase when you click the ‘Buy Now’ button?

You are replying to a thread which is two years old, and a lot has changed in that time.

Samsung has since decided they no longer want to be in the business of selling and supporting smartthings branded devices. Not even the hub. So they are turning that over to partners. For the US and the EU it will be Aeotec. So you now have to look for these under that brand name.

Official announcement of the handoff:

Aeotec page showing the Zigbee Devices:

Initially it looks like these are identical to the previous smartthings branded devices, just with a different logo. And it looks like Amazon will carry them, along with some of the specialty home automation retailers.

Smartthings will continue to provide the cloud and the app.

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Further to JD’s post this is a better link to Aeotec’s SmartThings range. Aeotec works with SmartThings — Zigbee & Z-Wave gateway and devices

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