2018 new SmartThings branded devices discussion

Good point: you can’t use a magnet on a Reed sensor as it will throw off the Reed. So not on an open/close sensor.

Picked up a button yesterday, and it is a nice device for the price.

Since the classic app does not have the same automation functionality as the Smartthings Connect app, I have had to add it in WebCore which while working for Pressed and Held, does not seem to recognize the double press.

Smart Lighting in classic can use pushed/help/pushed twice as triggers for the new button

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I set up a couple of these buttons about 1-2 weeks ago and was just checking them yesterday and noticed that they are down to 91% battery life.

The buttons are used in 2 bedrooms to control lights and fan and are rarely used. Usually only actually pressed 2-3 times per day to turn off lights at night or turn on lights in the morning.

Seems to be using quite a lot of battery for such little usage over a short period of time. At this rate I’d be changing out batteries about every 3 months and that could get quite expensive.

Anyone else experiencing the same battery usage on these buttons?

Battery deterioration is not linear and is very hard to report accurately. Won’t be able to tell their full life until they die.

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I was looking for a temporary way to mount my new SmartThings buttons, so I whipped up a quick 3D print that works with a couple small magnets and lets me attach a button magnetically to a standard wall plate.


Probably Tier reporting. :sunglasses: see the battery reporting FAQ: (this is a clickable link)

regretting buying these, should have stuck with z-wave since that is what most of my devices are

@kevin - I actually think it is a good thing to have a mix of zwave/zigbee devices. You might just need to get a ZigBee repeater such as an Iris Plug In Switch… and place it somewhere in between the sensor and hub. Once your zigbee mesh network is more robust these sensors/buttons/etc, you will find that these devices are actually usually more trouble-free - at least that is what it appears to be for me.

Only issues I have ever seen were batteries not lasting much but that was partially due to me buying batteries on amazon (tons of old/fake batteries) and also due to a poor zigbee mesh network that caused the sensors to use up more battery. After placing a few Iris Wall Plugs strategically around the house, my issues pretty much went away. I also started buying batteries from better sources…

Having access to both standards will give you many more options, trouble is most zigbee devices seem to be battery operated so they do not repeat and thus many either hit the maximum 32 device limit (when no repeaters are present) or they run into connectivity issues (which often cause battery issues).

I have 4 APs in my house and I have never run into interference issues but that is another possibility. Last… I believe there is a “zwave tax” (royalty or whatever you want to call it) per zwave device as zwave is a proprietary standard so you are likely to find cheaper options in the zigbee world all other things equal. I’d love to see more zigbee products on the market.

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How is the new multi sensor doing? I had horrible experience with the V2 of it. Battery drains in a month or less

I set up one of the new buttons on a V3 hub. It worked great for a day turn on a Hue light. Now it won’t work. Shows pushed in classic app. I’ve tried setting it up on both apps and it no longer turns the light on or off. No clue.

Still getting events in the log?

I got the new multipurpose sensor and motion sensor. But I prefer the old sensors. While the new sensors look more rounded and have a lower profile, the 3M VHB tapes are pre-installed on the sensors. So, I cannot use 3M Command tape to mount the sensors and remove them easily afterward. If Samsung does not give us the screw mount option, at least they should not have pre-installed the tape on the sensor.

I don’t quite get that - it’s easy enough to either remove or ignore the preattached tape - I have my new motion sensor mounted with 3M strips like I always do… and some people like not having to go out and buy tape…

I can see both sides… it is nice they included the sticky tape. I haven’t tried to remove the pre-installed tape (yet), so I don’t know how difficult or easy that is.

Side note - I saw a YouTube review of the new sensors and it showed some good test results. The motion sensor detected motion at further distance and the contact sensor detected magnet at further distance.

Detailed head to head review of the new SmartThings button versus the Fibaro button. ( and bonus points for a reviewer who actually seems personally familiar with the system, including the distinctions between the new and old app. :sunglasses:)


I was very impressed with her comparison of the V3 and V2 hub. Seemed pretty spot on, even with technical mumbo jumbo.

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I saw that one, but it drives me absolutely bananas that the guy tried to test the detection zone by walking straight on towards the sensors. As we’ve discussed many times before, PIR sensors should be set up so that you are detecting something walking across the field, not straight on towards it.

Also, I don’t want an open close sensor that Marks something as “closed” when it’s like 7 inches open. That’s not a plus to my mind. The cat is definitely going to get out that “closed” window. :smirk_cat:. So is the magnet on the new multisensor more powerful? Yes. Do you want a more powerful magnet for a multi sensor? Not necessarily.

Just sayin’…


OK, so @it’s Rose seems very knowledgeable about SmartThings and her videos are pretty awesome. Is she here on these forums?

No idea, but she does seem To at least read the forums as she’s referenced some stuff that was said here. Some women will use gender-neutral names in tech forums because, well, some men are idiots. :wink: ( I have a friend from IEEE who does that. Her name is Christina, but she just uses “Chris” on tech forums. I think I’ve mentioned her before. She says it’s a pretty common practice.)