2018 new SmartThings branded devices discussion

So - in person the Multipurpose Sensor is attractive - but still too big for me to want to use on a window or door that’s in sight.

Some interesting things with the new button when used with the new app. On the device page, you can directly create a custom automation for each button press type. Haven’t seen this direct link with any other device. Can still use smart lighting, but it doesn’t show up on the device page.

Within this custom automation, you can control SHM state. This is the first device/automation I’ve seen in the new app that can control SHM besides time.

Also, it’s magnetic!


Does the SHM alarm state feature run locally? If so, that would be really useful since there’s no other way to change SHM alarm state if the cloud is not available.

No clue. It doesn’t show up as a smart app anywhere in the Groovy IDE like the Classic version does.

I know, that’s actually why am a little bit hopeful that the feature might indeed work locally. But I guess the only way to test it would be to unplug the hub from the Internet and see what happens. :wink:

would have to trip the alarm too since the app goes through the cloud :thinking:

Yeah, temporarily just set up alert with lights or something and test it. Too much work, I know, I’m just curious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll see if I can do it tonight :slight_smile:


Glad to hear the Button is magnetic. I did not like the included double tape strips as they would cover the QR code needed for future secure ZigBee 3.0 inclusion and I wonder how easily one can replace the battery once it is attached to something with the tape. I was planning on sticking a neodymium magnet to the back but that too would cover the QR code… but at least it would be easier to replace the battery… However, it being already magnetic resolves the issue! Now all I need is to stick a round piece of metal (or a magnet) to any non magnetic surface I might want to attach this too, such as my nightstand.


Set it up with only local devices, armed, unplugged Ethernet, opened monitored door and…nothing. :pensive:


Oh, well, maybe some day.


I’m almost certain the new SHM does not run locally


When will these 2018 ‘New’ Things be available in the UK? I’ve been trying to get hold of a new Multi purpose sensor for a while now (as my existing one doesn’t like fresh batteries after only a few days)

Anyone try new multipurpose sensor in garage door tilt mode with default DH? Not working for me :(. Seems to be in garage door tilt mode as it isn’t responding to magnet (when in tilt mode), but I’ve tried all different orientations and still says open garage door

Any temperature updates? May be offline.

Yeah - surprised no one has done this before - but it’s a cool small update… I have one on my metal desk…

The Hue dimmer switch has always had magnets on the mounting plate. I have one on my refrigerator. :sunglasses:

I believe there are couple of other battery powered button devices that have magnets as well.

Not sure about buttons, but the new Zooz/Homeseer and SmartThings motion sensor are magnetic.

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New multi-purpose sensor eventually started working in garage door tilt mode after several tries. FYI the long edge should be mounted vertical when door is closed. After mounting it on its intended location (dog food storage container lid), it is not reporting though. It might be too far from hub/mesh though as I only have a couple zigbee devices.

Ah - cool. It seems like a no-brainer cheap addition. Though I’m wondering if for an open/close sensor the magnet needs some kind of shielding.