2018 Ceiling Fan Help Needed


I’ve read through almost all the thread regarding Ceiling Fan and Smartthings integration. I’m still confused. Most of the threads are from a long time ago. and I’m not sure if they are still even relevant.

I currently have a Hampton Bay Wall Controller…

My Ceiling Fan has two lights (top and bottom) which appear to be independently controlled. When the controller is switched to ‘On’, the top light is on…and there is no way to turn it off (at least with the way I’ve wired it up) . Then of course there is the bottom light, and three fan speeds (low, med, high)…(four if you count off).

I want to maintain a wall switch to control manually and I believe that there is two sets of wires going to the fan (I’m only using one set now).

After looking through the manual to refresh my memory…it looks as if the controller is integrated into the fan itself. (No special RF Box above the fan itself). Manual

What should I use to be able to control from the wall and from smartthings?

Thanks so much in advance

My ceiling fans are not RF controlled, so I don’t have personal experience. However, I believe that Bond may solve some of your issues.

If only there were an FAQ for fans with a recent date in the thread title that listed all the options…oh, wait. :wink:

(This is a clickable link)

The Bond is option 4 in that FAQ. I agree that looks like the most promising path unless you want to get into retiring (or replace the fan).


I have every fan in my home controlled by BOND and have no complaints. Everything works on my fans except on one fan that has what is called a “State Remote” and fan speed control works light on and off works but dimming does not. Or at least not to my satisfaction.


Your fan has the controller built into the fan motor so your options are very limited to integrate with ST. I would suggest looking into Bond as other suggested.

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Not always. I have the exact same (old) control. It was sold as an accessory and not part of the fan motor. It does reside within the canopy. It can easily be removed. The only way to verify would be to look under the canopy, would need to drop the fan onto the installation hanger/hook.

Some of the more recent fans may have that integrated but never seen any personally.

I have them in 2 fans installed 15 years ago when I remodeled. Now I wish I had at least pulled another set of wires so I could use 2 separate switches.

I DO have Bond controlling all 2 and works good enough :slight_smile:

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