200 Device limit - How to proceed from here?

Btw is there any way to test without having more than 200 devices?

Correct :slight_smile:


Check this

So there is a 200 limit, yet its not being enforced.

Wondering what the reason might be for introducing a 200 device limit. And enforcing it… just to follow it with an update that lifts the enforcement (for now). All in a fairly short time span.
This all is not making me feel too comfortable to start again from scratch with a new hub hoping to add 300 or 400 devices. Looks like they rather want to set limits instead of increasing or lifting them

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The limitation is an announcement, not a technical limitation. Like a speed limit sign. It tells individual drivers they should not drive faster, but it doesn’t physically prevent them from doing so.

The prevention step is built into the app. Right now it will not let you add more than 200 devices from the main page.

HOWEVER…there is a page deeper in the app which does not check the number of devices before letting you add one. So if you start from there, you can add a 201st device. And nothing else in the system cares whether you already have more than 200 devices, they will show up in the device list , in the IDE, and you can use them in automations. The only enforcement is from the main page at the point where you add a new device. This allowed people to use The page where the rule was not enforced to add their additional devices. This is the “workaround“ that you will find referenced in the forum.

The most recent version of the android app removed the workaround by checking the count on that deeper page as well as on the main page. But the workaround still exists in older versions of the android app as well as in the most current version of the iOS app.

So the limit is documented. But there’s nothing to stop you from going above it unless you have the newest version of the android app, and then it just stops you from adding more devices once you already have 200. Everything else still works.

And as we’ve mentioned, there are a number of customers who do have more than 200 devices, and had them before the limitation was announced. So that’s why people are so annoyed.

I get what you are saying. But in this case its the car manufacturer (smartthings) telling you the speed limit, not the government.

Why would they do that? Why i need a workaround, which might stop working in the future, to work around a limitation they put there themselves. Whats gonna happen when i reach 200, why they think this should be the limit? Other platforms do not give this limitation. So maybe it is the car (ST hub) which simply cannot handle more.
I understand zwave for example has a limit, but thats a limitation Hubitat will also have, yet they market having no device limit. And smartthings says 200? Its just weird

The car manufacturer says your car can go 200. The government allow you 100. Its different.

There hasn’t been any official explanation of the 200 device per location limit. There’s lots of community discussion in the following thread (The topic title is a clickable link):

It may be helpful to know that in the past smartthings employees have said publicly that most of their customers have 15 or fewer devices and never use any custom code. The members of this community are a very small minority of the total group.

My own guess would be that with the move to more code running on the hub itself they think the hub will run out of memory if they allow too many devices. But that’s just a guess.

If you believe you are going to need 400 devices, then smartthings may not be the right platform for you. I think it’s going to continue to be aimed primarily at purchasers of the Samsung smart appliances and smart televisions who just want to add a few additional items and don’t even have a hub. That’s probably over 90% of their customer base now. But again, that’s all just a guess. Read the other thread for a more detailed discussion. :thinking:

NO Device Limit! - still a nice line to get more of those 15 device customers

I have those Samsung appliances, and i have been using ST for years and i love it. But 200 is game over

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@John010 can you post a link to the support article that says there is a 200 limit?

As others said, there has neve been a limit for devices in the iOS mobile app, only android.

@JDRoberts do you know if in order to get z-wave certified your hub has to be able to support the full 240 devices the protocol allows?

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  1. It doesn’t have to allow customers to use that many, a lot of certified Z wave hubs have deployment limits of 40 to 75, again because of memory issues on the hub itself. The Toshiba Z wave hub had a limit of 40, some of the others. Abode originally had a limit of 160 hub connected devices, which included both zigbee and Z wave. A limit isn’t unusual, but changing one downwards after the fact is. :thinking:
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Yes, that page does indeed say there is a 200 device limit per location, and also that a user can be in 10 locations. Meanwhile the page on Guardrails and Rate Limits on the same site is blissfully ignorant of any device limit at all and says users can be in 50 locations.

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That’s Samsung. Turn the page, get a different answer. :wink:


Damn, still no word on the 200 device limit per location. so, one hub with 200 devices max per ‘location’ then.

ill run smoke/co and flood on their own hub/location; internal perimeter on its own hub/location; internal motion on its own hub/location; external perimeter/motion on its own hub/location. this way if something goes rogue it wont take the whole damn thing down offline.

but before i do all that ill just continue to sit back and wait until they finish killing things off.

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Device list in ide says 198. Hope this gets fixed soon.

oh things are about to get realllly interesting when they kill off groovy/ide. everyone will have to manually move their devices over to the edge drivers. when that times comes might as well start over. also, there wont be edge drivers for all of the 3rd party devices right away.

You’ve seen the transition plans? Have a source for that?

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no, never said

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