$20 off Philips Light strip and Tap


$20 off Philips Light strip and Tap use code THANKYOU at checkout



Damn, the Tap is sold out. I would have jumped on that one.

(Cris D) #3

Tap order worked for me.


Weird, this is what I see:

I try to place the order and it just errors.

(Cris D) #5

I used my phone… Maybe that made a difference?


Nope, didn’t work on my phone either. :unamused:

(Cris D) #7

(Realy Living Dream) #8

I guess they just don’t like you. Count me in for a $29 Tapt. Now where to put it ???

(Bobby) #9

In the mail at my address???!!!


Damnit! I’ve tried on three different devices now!


I think it depends on the ship to address. They appear to be shipping out of different warehouses, and at least one of them has gone out of stock.


I haven’t even entered an address. It says OOS as soon as I add it to my cart. Unless it’s using IP based geolocation. I’ll be in NYC tomorrow. I’ll try visiting the page and adding it to my cart while I’m there.