Fibaro Dimmer Device drops from SmartThings and IDE

I have been using my Fibaro Dimmer 2s without Issue for a year now. I have around 30. Recently I discovered that one just disappeared from both the SmartThings App and the SmartThings IDE. No trace of the Device whatsoever.

I have seen devices reporting faults before which I could clear, but I’ve never seen something drop completely as though it was never there. The only trace of it I have is in a WebCore Piston it now refers to it by an alphanumeric string and no longer the name. This is :fe6fe97963bdf828bbc86ce5783c6bb3:

Anyone have any ideas. I’m putting off digging out the dimmer from the wall and removing and re-adding simply because I’m the past this has meant I need to do it close to the SmartThings hub to do a secure add. If I do it in its wired state it doesn’t add securely and doesn’t work. So tend to have to get an electrician out to help. Will do this, but wondering if anyone has experiences anything similar?


Hi David! This is a known issue reported in one of the last firmware updates, and the Developers Team was working on the fix.

Please check you have the latest firmware, if this problem still happens in the latest one, please report a ticket under Customer Support

I hope this information is useful for you!

Thanks! When I read the trail it is not clear whether people are talking specifically about Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules just dropping out of SmartThings and the IDE as devices. But it seems you’re saying this is most likely a related issue.

I’ll check regarding having the latest firmware and update as suggested. Thanks!