Sensor in location 1 to turn on light at locatoin 2?

I understand that IFTTT only works with one SmartThings location/account. Is there some sort of workaround with any third party or custom programming that could cause a motion sensor in one location to turn on a light at another location?

Here’s what you need:

2nd IFTTT account
Gmail account (possibly 2nd one)

Set it up so that when sensor 1 comes on, it sends an email via IFTTT to Gmail. Set up an applet so that if your Gmail gets that email (you can match the subject or the sender, whichever works for you), it will turn on the light at location 2 via ST.

Thanks. Does this only work if the email on the SmartThings account is a gmail account? Mine is not. Are there apps that allow for an email to be sent to a specified email address and not just the SmartThings account address?

That doesn’t matter.

You can do that through IFTTT.
Have an applet set up that if sensor in location 1 is turned on, it will send an email through IFTTT to the Gmail associated with IFTTT account 2. Then on IFTTT 2, you would set up an applet to pick apart that email and turn on a light at location 2 on the second ST account.

Here’s one that I have that does this (click on the picture to see the whole thing):

I was able to figure out that much. Here is my setup:

  1. IFTTT #1 with gmail app connected to
  2. IFTTT #2 with gmail app connected to
  3. SmartThings hub at location #1 - IFTTT looks good in the IOS app
  4. SmartThings hub at location #2 - IFTTT looks good in the IOS app.

Here is the problem. I log into IFTTT #1 and set Smartthings to location #1, then IFTTT #2 to set Smartthings to location #hubv2
When I go back into lFTTT #1 the Smartthings app is now working with location #hubv2

Both of my SmartThings hubs are on the same account.

This is the problem I was reading about on this forum (search on multiple hubs) and I thought maybe it was fixed.

Maybe it is, and I am just dense?

Oh I see.
I misunderstood.
I thought you meant you had 2 separate locations on 2 separate ST accounts.

At this time, I don’t think there is a way to control both locations on the same account like that.

It appears that it might work if I make my last configuration selection for ST to trigger at the location I want, but it will not be reciprocal. What I really wanted was a light to come on at location #1 if location #2 triggered while I am at location #1 and visa versa. If I can get 1/2 of that to work, it is better than nothing.

One thing that would work would be for me to put a Wink hub with a sensor and light in both locations to supplement what Wink did very well by that ST cannot do. Problem is, I switched from Wink2 because an update caused my location # to stop working and hours of troubleshooting could not figure out why.

I did think about it a bit more and it’s possible to do it uni-directional.

You can’t go bi-directional this way though.

You would need the IFTTT SMS channel and ST channel.
The SMS channel gives you a unique IFTTT phone number. Use that in CoRE or whatever rule engine you use. If that sensor is triggered, have it text that number. If you already use this, you can add a hashtag to the message and filter it out that way from IFTTT.
Create an IFTTT applet that says if that number gets a new text, then turn on the light at the location associated with IFTTT.

Although…if you are on Android, you could then use Tasker and SharpTools to do the other hub. Using CoRE or your rule engine of choice, have it text your number, not the IFTTT number, when a sensor at the other location is triggered. Configure Tasker so that it reacts to seeing that text message come in and turns on a light via SharpTools.

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