2.0.5 - release notes?

Na, nope not just my phone or my setup, others are having the same issues, they just haven’t pissed on this happy parade yet. I’m just fed up. And yes, it is that bad. If you’re happy, then you’re one of the lucky ones.

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Yep… the new app is awesome! If I was going for NOT using the thing! It was pretty stable for me at 2.04, until last night. Crashed every 30 seconds!

Now, I’ve killed it and restarted it more times than minutes it’s been installed.

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I sent my wife’s email and invitation. I created her account on her phone. It logged right into my account on her phone with her email. I think when the invite is sent the system registers that email address.

*** I saw somebody sent the email to the wrong address. If they open the account, just delete them under account/manage users.

I’ve used it on two different phones now both of which are complete opposites in terms of being a non-carrier and completely bone stock device brought direct from the Google Play store (Nexus 4) and I now have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 FULL of bloatware and I don’t get the issues you do. I’ll install it on my $15 MetroPCS branded ZTE Concord II tomorrow and see how that goes…

It’s a mess here as well. Feels like they concentrated on fixing a couple of things and just shipped it.

Nah he’s not the only one Benji. If you have a lot of devices you can only get about 10 sec of use out of the app before it crashes

How many devices are we talking?

I have 160 and change, about 20 are virtual, maybe 30 use stock device drivers. Also have 20 rooms…

The app has severe refresh issues, and while the more devices you have, the more that will be exacerbated, but you don’t need anywhere near that to see issues. I have less than 50 total.

Release notes are coming a bit later today. Basically the main change was to enable Location Sharing in the app.

I honestly don’t see any difference, but at least it’s no worse. :neutral_face:

I can see the house mode now! Yay! Not sure which version finally fixed that.

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It’s become pretty stable for me running on a note 4. No crashes in two days!


Luv the Jason, The Enabler part. :wink:

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I do what I can…

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Continuing my weekly one hour devotion to narrowing down my crash issues…
Discovered last night, that I have one specific custom device type that always crashes when attempting to open the details.
This is a child device created by one of my smartApps.
I made the following incremental changes to the device type, with app restarts and cache/data clears in between the changes, none of these changes helped.
–Changed tiles between v1 and v2 style
–Removed tile icons from each tile
–Replaced the device with a stock virtual device
The last bit was interesting, when I replaced the device entirely, it disappeared from my room view, it was visible when I went to edit the room, but would not show up in the view until I reverted to the device type it was originally.

However, I have other App created virtual devices that do not exhibit this problem.

The above leads me to suspect that this is a child device issue of some sort, and not specifically related the device type, if you’re following me here.

Any one else with other observations along these lines?
And by “along these lines”, any pattern observations that would help the android/platform team get this sorted out.
I think by now we understand that the app crashes, I’m trying as a group to hone in as to why it crashes constantly for some users and not others.


mine is still crashing or hanging regularly. it is better not every minute maybe every 3-4 minutes of use now.

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still can’t to re-order devices on things menu ?

I just want to make sure everyone here saw this:

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Additionally here is an update on account sharing:

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