2.0.5 - release notes?

I just received the 2.0.5 app on Android.

Has anyone seen the the release notes?

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Mine says:

“SmartThings 2.0.5 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability.”

Not much details.

Slightly less buggy, slightly faster, and looks like you can add users.

do we have a fix for the Marshmallow doze / location issue yet?

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What’s that? 20 characters later…

You can add users in IOS app also :smile:

Android 6.0 - Marshmallow has presence location issue on 2.0.4.
Is it fixed?

Release notes?, freaking why…
crashed 3 times in 2 minutes, which is about half the 2.0.4 rate…
Still can’t change icons for dimmers…
I’m unwilling to check much else since it’s too annoying to deal with.


At least for once you got a new release before the iOS users and can boast 2.0.5! :wink:

Additional users can now be added, testing…

YES, you can add users (and remove them!)


My bad, posted the wrong screenshot, either way, yes, multiple users work.

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As @beckwith said - here’s a screenshot

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Given the F-Bombs I curse this app with every single time I use it, E for everyone does not apply…


The in app font size has increased

Please, try another phone or do a factory reset on yours (back up everything first). While I realise the ST app isn’t that great, it’s not that bad, something else must be up.

What phone is it and what version of Android is it running?

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you can add users and delete them… but how do you login as one of those users? If you create a new user account for the specified email address, it asks you for the hub code, it does not automatically connect you to the selected account.

In the old setup, when you would add a new user, it would invite that user… and when they accepted, they would be part of your account.

That was a bug right before they removed the ability to add a second user. Hmmmm…