$14.99 Leviton Zigbee 3.0 Plug-In Dimmer (Smart Plug for lamps) at record low price

Great for entertaining, the holidays, or everyday - use your SmartThings Zigbee-compatible hub to dim and brighten table lamps, floor lamps, plug-in pendant lamps, etc. Leviton’s DG3HL has an extreme discount right now, over 60% off.


That’s a very good price! I wonder if they are discontinuing that model?

Anyway, a couple technical notes. This is a fairly low load device, with dimming, which means it really should only be used for table lamps or hanging light fixtures. (Never use it with anything motorized.) But it should be good for that, and it should also be a Zigbee repeater, although I don’t know how many children it can accept.

  • RATINGS: LED and CFL up to 100W, incandescent up to 300W

your plug-in dimmer should not be used with motor loads.