~1600 lumen zigbee bulb or a zigbee plug in dimmer lamp module

For the life of me I cant figure out how to do this…

I have 2 lamps in a room and they need to have 100watt equivalent bulbs in them. I want to dim them and I need to be able to put a dimmer switch on the wall for wife acceptance factor.

Right now I have a GE zwave dimmer switch on the wall dims the entire plug circuit in the room. this is bad because 1. it’s against code due to the risk of someone someday unplugging a lamp and plugging something else into that plug. 2. our houses wiring causes the phillips LEDs to buzz when dimmed (the CFL I tried buzzed as well)

ok so that leaves me with 3 options I can think of:
1.Use a Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 zigbee controller as the wall switch and find a couple 100watt equ zigbee bulbs. Does anyone make any that do 1200-1700 lumen?

2.Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 zigbee controller as the wall switch and find a zigbee lamp dimmer. Anyone know of any?

3.Use a GE zwave lamp dimmer module GE 12718 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Lamp Module with Dimmer Control and find a pico zwave remote I can stuff in the wall. Anyone know of one?

Basically this would be ideal if I could find a version that was ST controllable.

Sorry, I’m confused by your question because Lutron does not use Zigbee–they use their own proprietary communication protocol, Clear Connect. It is not directly integratable to SmartThings because SmartThings does not have a clear connect radio. The pico from Lutron is also clear connect, not Z wave.

(They do make one Zigbee battery operated remote specifically to control Hue type bulbs–Philips makes their own very similar product.)

However, both companies do have an IFTTT channel, so you can get some indirect integration that way. Also, some community members have built their own servers to create a more direct integration but that requires considerable technical skill.

Still, it’s likely that there are many different ways to solve the problem.

So let’s back up a minute and see if we can find the needs of your use case without specifying the protocol.

Is The issue is simply that you want to have two 100 W equivalent dimmable bulbs in the room with a wall switch? Or is there something more to it than that?

Do you require color changing from the bulbs, or do you just need them to be dimmable?

Lutron does make a couple Zigbee product and that remote I referenced is one of them… ignoring that for the moment.

My requirements:

  1. floor lamps with 100W equivalent dimmable bulbs
  2. dimmable via a wall switch
  3. controllable via smart things for scheduling and automation purposes (I want to trigger the dimming with the turn on of the TV, I’ve already got that figured out via logitech harmony… I just need to be able to control the 2 100W bulbs via ST)
  4. Just soft white dimmable bulbs prefered, no color or tunable temperature required

(Yes, you’re right about the Lutron remote, I updated my post. :sunglasses:)

Are the bulbs that you are currently having the problem with smart bulbs or their regular Phillips dumb LED bulbs?

The buzzing bulbs are regular Phillips dumb LED bulbs. I’m guessing my neutral wire has been hooked to the ground circuit somewhere in the house…

My first thought would be a regular nonnetworked receptacle plus a dimmable wall plug (pocket socket) for each lamp (Zigbee or zwave, doesn’t matter) plus two dimmable dumb bulbs in lamps plugged into those outlets, plus the battery powered Cooper Aspire 9500 wall switch for dimming.

Alternatively a simpler approach would be a regular nonnetworked receptacle plus a dimmable smart lifX bulb (these are very bright), plus again the Cooper Aspire.

Both of these approaches are similar to your original LUtron idea but would be fully integratable with SmartThings.

As far as the wiring, you may need to have an electrician come out and figure out what’s going on there, it’s probably a safety issue as well as an aesthetic issue. But if you’re going to replace the receptacle anyway, that would be a good time to have the wiring checked.

thanks for the mention of the Cooper Aspire 9500 … I didnt realize they made a zwave controller… that should work perfectly.