14-15 Sept 2021 free online IOT Conference from SiLabs

If you’re an engineer, this will probably be interesting, if not, probably not. :wink: it’s a two day online conference on IOT with separate tracks on smart homes and smart cities. Most of the speakers are from SIlabs, but the topics vary from Apple HomeKit to Amazon to Matter with an emphasis on design and deployment.

Amazon, Google, Aqara, Ring, Tuya, and Jasco are among the major sponsors. Smartthings is noticeably absent from the sponsor list, but interestingly enough is sending a senior staff member to lead one of the Matter sessions.

Agenda | Works With 2021

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Several sessions are sponsored by Samsung even though they don’t appear on the official sponsor page.

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STACEY on IOT had a quick rundown of some of the more interesting panels from this event. Again, mostly engineers will be interested in this.

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