110-130 V Sengled Element Classic Bulbs working in a 220 V environment?

Hello there. I live in Chile, and I was looking for some 220 V, but recently I read a user commenting that US Sengled Elemnt Classic Bulbs do work in a 220 V environment (South America’s voltage) although they are made for 110 V.
I don’t want to make any risks so I’d be glad if someone here can assure this theory please. Then I wouldn’t need to spend in a current transformer.


When one person tells you they put the bulb in and it didn’t explode, that doesn’t mean that it is “working” to specification. :sunglasses:

If the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the device for the voltage you need, then don’t use it. It might mean that a surge in power can burn it out, it might mean that it won’t last for the number of hours that it’s expected to, it just means don’t use it. There’s no trick to this. The manufacturers want you to like their products and buy more of them. They test them extensively. So believe them when they tell you it won’t work on 220 V. Don’t count on random reports on Internet boards. Read the specifications that the manufacturer provides and follow them.

As far as smart bulbs that do work on 220 V, Hue does make them, so you need to check the model numbers.


Same thing with Sylvania/Osram.

LIFX bulbs will work if they are the RGBW color bulbs. Their white bulbs come in two different models and for those you have to match the voltage correctly.

So, no, Sengled Element is not rated for 220 V.

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I made a request yesterday on the official Sengled site and they said no Us version only 130 v

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