110V / 220V (Dual Voltage) Light Bulbs Recommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations for 110v/220v (dual voltage) light bulbs? I have a smartthings kit from America but I am currently living in Europe.

Here are some choices:

  • Sonoff B1 bulb only needs MQTT, and is very a open device (ESP8266 based), hence my preferred one. It can be flashed using Tasmota SonOTA firmware.
  • Sengled classic bulb. Packaging says that it is for 110V but i have test it on 220V and it works. Zigbee based.
  • Lifx bulb, which is quite expensive

would this be the Sengled bulb you are talking about?


Yes, thats the one

Hey trumee, I recently bought a Kit, but I live in Chile. It came with two of those Sengled bulbs, but I’m afraid to use them in 220 v ecosystem. Are you sure it’s safe tu plug my bulb directly to 220 V? I’ll be glad if you can assure me that it’dwork fine. Thanks!


Did you also tested these bulbs on 220v ? Do they work fine ?

Thank you.

Hey Daniel. Yeah I recently could test my own bulbs and yeah they do work fine in 220 V.


Sorry just to confirm:
you used these:

Rated 100-130v in a 220 system and they worked?

Just received mine and didnt now they will be rated for this. :worried:

Unfortunately, just because a bulb rated for 110 v turns on and off when you first install it in a 220 V fixture, that doesn’t mean the bulb is actually working well. A power surge might blow the bulb, and in any case, you will probably significantly shorten the lifespan of what is already an expensive bulb. And the manufacturer will not honor the warranty if you have been using it on a higher voltage.

If a bulb is specified for up to 130 V, then you should not use it in a higher voltage system.

There are other smart bulbs which are specified for 220 V, and that’s what you should use. Hue makes some models for 220v, so does Osram, and LIFX RGBW bulbs will work on either voltage. ( if you want white only LIFX bulbs, they make two models, one for 110 and one for 220)