$11 Zigbee switch. EACHEN Zigbee OnOff Switch AC-ZGB1

Saw these on Amazon for $11, advertised as Zigbee switch “works with SmartThings”. No reviews, good or bad, so I was leery but I figured I could return if they didn’t work as promised.

Bought 3 to replace some really old Wemo wifi switches that have been giving me issues. They are setup like an in-wall type of switch but are too bulky to fit in a single gang box. Very tight fit in a a double-gang box when the switch are in there. Stock pictures on Amazon show them used as in a in-line open air setup for lights.

No issues getting SmartThings to find the device, however they were recognized as simply a “Thing” so I needed to logon to the api and change the device type to “Zigbee Switch”.


Pros: Cost, They work.

Cons: Size, that about it unless you consider the “worry” about why are these so cheep?


So this will not fit in a single gang outlet box?

They will if you cut the screw tabs off and stuff them in at an angle, but the wires would be dangerously bent against the wall of the box. There also would leave little to no room for the physical switch to fit.

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Why would I want a physical switch?

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Can the physical switch still be used in conjunction with this switch?

It is a hardwired device. If you wanted to install it in a switch box, say for a porch light, you would want control of that light outside of ST.

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Yes, as long as the neutral is accessible.

Just bought the last three on Amazon. I am going to open it up and see if the switch can be isolated to make dry contacts. Given the size it probably can be done. Looking to use this to operate a key fob to lock my car doors at a certain time every night. With Hubitat I can make the fob activate for X amount of time and then shut off, closing my windows too.

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Can you point me towards a wiring diagram for this setup please?

Could these be used as a momentary switch to control a garage door opener?

Can one of these be used to control a ceiling fan? If so, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I bought one to test it out but I’m not sure how I’ll wire it up yet. I want to use it to power only the fan but not the bulb because I use Hue bulbs.

Well it shows a fan in the picture, not that they ever lie about that type of thing. Obviously it would only be for on/off & you’re going to have to use the pull chain for changing speed.
Of course the description also says that it is perfect for adding voice control to your washing machine :joy::joy: :joy:.

But turning off the switch would render the smart device useless, until the switch is back on.

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That is correct

Of course. I have one physical wall switch always in the on position for my ceiling fan and Hue bulb that is covered with a new Lutron Aurora dimmer. I want to go into the ceiling fan and wire this device so that it is only connected to the fan motor (blue wire).

Is its possible to install smart switch parallel to regular wall switch ?

That’s what the zl-7432us relay is designed for. I have a couple of them.

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Based on manual … you posted. It seems “One wire wring” instructions can be used on this device to make it work as parallel switch with wall switch.

Success! You can isolate the relay contacts by making a quick cut through the rails on this device, making it a pair of dry contacts for just about anything. Just jump as shown and you’re off and running.