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10% off Blink Wireless Camera

( - Make your home your butler!) #21

Yeah the other day me neighbor dropped by at night got a great shot of her face and my camera is mounted about 13 ft up on top. She looked straight at it!

(Zachary) #22

Can you watch continuously on the Blink camera? Like if I wanted to peek in on my babies room for 10 minutes, could I live stream that on the app?

( - Make your home your butler!) #23

Technically you could, it would just drain the batteries if you’re using batteries (life is about 20,000 seconds).
However if you’ve got it plugged into the USB power supply you’re good.

(Beckwith) #24

From what I can tell, Blink is optimally designed as a wireless security camera. Common baby monitor features would compromise security camera design goals.

Blink uses an LED instead of infrared. I don’t think you want the LED waking up your baby at night. For security, however, LED is more of a deterrent and gives you clearer mug shots. LED on only when motion takes less power than continuous infrared.

Only one can access the Blink video feed at any point in time. Most baby monitors allow multiple access.

You want to see a continuous video feed with a baby monitor. The Blink app, on the other hand, attempts to discourage this by displaying a “Continue?” button every 30 seconds. After five minutes of this it cuts the live feed which you have to start again. It may also be designed this way to avoid blocking out multiple access. RBoy’s app forgoes the “Continue?” button, but drops after five minutes also.

So Blink may work for you as a baby monitor in a pinch, but it just doesn’t have the baby monitor features most expect.