ZWave smart controller with Three-way switch setup

(Joseph Caruso) #1

I have a three-way switch setup where I’d like to replace one or two of the existing switches with a Z-wave zone controller. Can this be done? Can anyone help with wiring instructions for my electrician? I don’t want to purchase the items until I know for sure that it can be done. Thanks. ps: I have the same question for a few two-way switch setups I have, where I want to replace one of the two-ways with a zone controller

(Robin) #2

What country are you in?

What exactly do you mean by ‘zone controller’? What are you trying to do?

If you have a 3-way circuit, surely you need all the 3 switches to control the light? Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the dark with a switch at the wrong end of a corridor / stairs.

I would reccomend adding additional gangs to your existing switch plates. The additional gangs can be used to toggle between scenes etc.