3 way switch two dimmers?

So I have an existing three way setup that I would like to change over to z wave. I am wondering if I can have two dimming switches and pair the second with the first. No traveler wires. Or can I run a zwave controller at the light and just have two z wave switches control it?

Either of those can work as long as you’ve selected the device specifically made to do that.

There are also models where there is a master and an auxiliary and they communicate wirelessly and both can dim. That can save you a little money as the auxiliary is usually less expensive.

The Linear/GoControl WD500Z Master and its matching WT00Z auxiliary are quite popular in the community.

There are other brands as well which communicate without traveler wires that you could also consider, including Leviton and Cooper.

The GE zwave switches don’t work for this set up because they require a physical traveler wire.

If you want to go the micro route, you can put any Smartthings – compatible microcontroller at the light fixture and then have any SmartThings – compatible switch, mains powered or battery powered, at the two wall positions. But then you have to get three devices and setting up something that would work even if your home automation system is down would be more complex.