Zwave signal strength status

Ive seen a few posts from about 6 years ago on this topic, but nothing recent.

Is there any way for me to see what my zwave signal strength is? It would be nice to see if a device only has “one bar” of connectivity signal with my hub.

Since zwave is a mesh network, signal quality has to be measured someone differently, but in general, you’re looking for three fields:

and number of transmission failures

Tried checking the new advanced page in the official smartthings web interface at:

If it’s not there, there is a Community-created project which has some additional information, and it might be in that, I’m not sure:

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

(I was a Z wave engineer before I ever got my first SmartThings equipment, but I no longer use zwave with smartthings so I’m not sure of the current available details.)

Otherwise, hopefully someone else will comment.


Signal strength for zwave is not yet captured in the various UI tools we have to date.

However, with zigbee devices the data itself is available in each event from the device, the driver just has to pull it out and do something with it - store it as signalStrength capabilty event. I do this for some of my Zigbee device drivers. I’ve not dug recently to see if its part of Zwave message events but last time I looked it wasn’t.

Zigbee peanut plug: