Zigbee devices signal strength/topology


Hi all,

Just wondering if there is a smart app out there that can show Zigbee (Z-wave as well would be good) signal strength for all devices in the network. A tool that could graphically plot the mesh topology would be great.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


SmartThings does not make this information available to us, unfortunately, so there are no smartapps to do it.

You can add an additional device and map it that way. See the following:

As for zwave, it’s a similar situation. If you add an Aeon USB Z wave stick as a secondary controller you can then use tools to map it.

@duncan is working on a project to add more network maintenance tools for Z wave to SmartThings, so he would probably be interested in what specifically you would like to see.

I know for myself I’d just like a basic zwave network map: which devices are where, current optimal routings, signal strength, node status etc. Nothing fancy. It would also be nice to know which nodes are using secure messaging, which support beaming, and which are zwave plus, but I consider all of those optional. Basically show me the things I can’t just look up in the device specifications. :sunglasses:


Thanks a lot @JDRoberts.
BTW, how is it that you always have the answer to all questions?



Heh, I don’t! You won’t see me answering any questions about groovy code, for example. I can’t even read it since I depend on text to speech, let alone write it.

What I do know is network protocols and hardware specifications. ( I’m the person who reads the user manual before I buy the product. :wink: )

So what you’re really seeing is the “sore thumb” phenomenon: I answer questions that most people don’t even care about, and I’m one of the few who does, so I stick out.

But if you look at the questions people ask about code, or even about specific smartapps, you’ll see that typically each question gets six or seven answers, and consequently no one person stands out quite as much. :sunglasses: