Zigbee Device Handler - Signal Strength Capability?

I have a device that I would like to be able to monitor the signal strength of and am curious to know what the requirements of the Signal Strength capability are. I have borrowed some code from a device handler that has the LQI and RSSI, though commented, and have not had any luck retrieving this information. Both LQI and RSSI should be part of the description string that is parsed however I have not seen the “lastHop” or “lqi” messages come across the logs.

Digging through the ZCL specification, the only mention I find of RSSI and LQI in regards to a cluster that needs to be implemented device side is the RSSI Location Cluster, which I do not believe is applicable to measuring a devices signal strength, and should be something the hub tracks. I have gotten signal strength for this particular device in the past but while connected to a different hub. Is this possible with SmartThings?

Currently there isn’t really a way for a DTH to access this information. The zigbee devices whose DTHs do have it are the original kickstarter devices that used manufacturer specific clusters and messages and included that info in the payload. Better debug tools for users is something we have discussed but not something that is exposed currently.


Thanks for the info Zach.