ZWave Popp Keypad Device Handler?

I am trying to find if there is a device handler for the POPP ZWave Keypad?
Where would I start?

And here we are again. :sunglasses:

That’s a nice looking device! And it is the first potentially ST-compatible keypad I’ve seen which is rated for outdoor use. I’m sure it’s going to be popular.

Check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the device type handler section, and this time look at security devices, which is where the keypads are.

Unfortunately, again, this is a new device, available only in Europe, and I don’t think anyone has created a device type handler for it yet.

Most of the keypads listed are zigbee devices, so they are not going to help.

However, there is one zwave keypad device, the BeNext/Zipato keypad that you will see on the list, and it might be a jumping off point. That’s a simpler device, though, so you’re definitely going to need custom code for the Popp. And again, you will want to go to the official zwave alliance product site and find the conformance statement there to see what commands that it uses.

I should take my own advice and look at the conformance statement first. :wink:

This is a very cool device, with both primary and secondary controller functionality for locks, which probably accounts for the high price. It’s using several newest generation features.

For example, It turns out that the Popp keypad is using central scene commandsets, which is really interesting. But it also means the BEnext keypad DTH probably isn’t going to be much help.

Instead, you probably want to take a look at the popp wall controller which is intended for controlling lights but which also uses central scene commands.

But the popp keypad also has some lock aspects to it.

@rboy may want to take a look at it to see if he wants to add it to his lock management suite. (He charges a small license fee for his code, but much of it is quite popular as it includes features not included in the free versions.). I’m not sure how much he does with Europe – only devices. But if he’s not going to add one to his own libraries he may have some advice on it. :sunglasses:


Did anything come of this? I would love to see this work properly. I am looking at 3-4 Conexis locks and would love this to work when I don’t have or want a phone or fob on me.

My thought would be to have 5 codes on the pad. 1xxxx-4xxxx to do each door individually and 5xxxx to unlock all doors.

I could use a non weather proof if it will take a bit of beating outside under cover but would prefer reliability.

Do you have one Anthony?

I just ordered one and will be there for me this weekend (working away). Will see if I can get it working time permitting and post back.

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I am currently using an Iris keypad in an outdoor enclosure for the past 2 weeks…hoping that it will last.

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Oooohhh No I don’t have one but REALLY tempted if a DH for it works. Keep us uptodate. I think a few would be interested.

Have you got this yet???

The minute someone has a working DH, I’m jumping into this device! Just what I need! (or should I buy it and then you guys will have a guinea pig to test with? ouch…)

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Hey Guys, any movement on this anywhere please?

@Russ_MacMillan, @Behold81, @danielccm

Check out RBoy’s DH and Apps, I subscribed to the ‘service’ a long time back (great DH’s and Apps and worth the money IMHO) and it appears that the Keypad will work with his ‘Enhanced Lock’ DH and more specifically the Apps to allow you to program users/codes remotely etc.

Time permitting I will try to get mine added this weekend and report back but it looks extremely promising!

Anyway, keep an eye on the below thread or give it a go if you have the KeyPad sitting there and report back in the below thread.



@RBoy you recently added support for this keypad. Does that mean that it might be coming to the US and you know something that we don’t. I could only find it on ebay.

At this time it’s only available in the EU. It’s a decent option but has a few limitations. The DTH now has support for it:

I’ll let @chippie add more about the pro’s/con’s of the product

If you’re looking for US keypads, I would recommend using ZigBee keypads like the Centralite, Xfinity nad UEI keypads. You can use this DTH to have it behave like a lock keypad (i.e Popp):

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Late to the Convo, but I have been using an IRIS keypad with an enclosure for about TWO YEARS. It’s literally the one Zwave device on my network that has never given me trouble.

(EDIT: WHOOPS, it’s Zigbee, which may explain why it’s working so well out there!)

However, I only have it in my enclosed yard, for security on my workshop; I need one for the front door which is on the sidewalk on a pretty busy street. I am not sure how to secure it in the enclosure so that no one walks off with it!

Looking at the POPP, but I can;t see how that one would be secured either. Even a screw hole through the middle would be something.

IRIS, is that Z-Wave or Zigbee? I thought they were Zigbee keypads.

You can always use SmartApp to alert you of theft and trigger an alarm if they are removed from the casing which can be screwed into the wall but considering they’re about $15 each, it may cost a whole lot more building a case and mounting it compared to replacing it.

Holy crap, you are correct. Well, that explains a lot about it. The ZWave performance of devices in that area out back is horrible; the ones that are reliable have been Zigbee. I literally installed the custom handler back in the day, paired it, and then never had to look at it again.

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