Zwave Plus Ecolink Tilt Sensor

I saw these at Zwaveproducts

Is there a device type for them in ST yet? Also, I know with Zwave Plus there is extended range over Zwave, but are there other benefits? Do Zwave Plus devices have the same mesh as Zwave or are they different mesh networks?

Same mesh. :sunglasses:

This should be of interest (this is a clickable link)

I have one of these. It initially pairs as “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” and functions fine. I changed mine to the “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” DTH and it’s been solid as well.

I occasionally get double open or close notifications but not sure if it’s the DTH, the SmartApp (Notify Me When) or just the nature of the bearing sensor being a bearing sensor (not the best). The bearing did stick once (noticed it showed open when the garage door was actually closed). I flicked the unit and the bearing dropped and changed to closed correctly.

I have a mercury switch that I’m going to solder in and replace the bearing sensor one of these days. Far more reliable.


It seems to me that it’s not really a viable option for a garage in the northeast US. Supposedly the operating temperature range is 32 - 120 F. It would be nice if my unheated, uninsulated garage stayed above 32 but, sadly, that’s not the case. I guess it’s great if you live in Florida or Texas, but not so much in Connecticut

My garage is mostly insulated, but it was in single digits outside and sub-32 F inside the garage over the winter. I didn’t notice any performance degradation while operating below spec rating. The only stuck sensor occurrence for me was when it was in the 50’s in the garage, so not cold or heat related.

Oh man, I didn’t realize that I need to setup the v2 hub, if i want to use any of these Zwave plus devices huh?

Does anyone have any comments about these versus others witch are solid state? Like the SmartThings multi-purpose?

I have 3 of these and I live in NY.

3 original version ecolink zwave.

If I was to upgrade should I go for zwave plus or SmartThings multi-sensor?

They have worked fine in the mail box which is outside on the curb and the garage door. So freezing NY temps did not affect tilt sensor in outside mail box.

However, only one of them, on the garage door, very rarely, but occasionally spontaneously reports open. When that happens, we have to open and close the garage door for it to report correctly.

I assume that this is because there is a physical switch inside.

the others work flawlessly.