Zwave occupancy turn on remote switch automation?

I removed a standard outlet on a stair landing and replaced it with a GE zwave occupancy sensor- there is no load connected. I added it to smart things hub with the rest of the devices. The idea is when someone walks up the stairs the motion would trigger an automation and remotely turn on the step lights smart switch . Problem is there isn’t really a “motion” setting only on and off. If I tell alexa to turn it on or manually turn on the occupancy switch then automation runs, but motion itself doesn’t run the automation as I hoped. Does the occupancy switch need a load to actually turn on? How could I “fake” that? Resistor? I have the wireless zwave motion sensors too and they work- but they are just ugly and trying to avoid using them.

To get the motion activity you’ll need a DTH that supports it:
[RELEASE] GE Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933) - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

I don’t THINK load is required - but… I’ve never seen one installed in that manner. That said, you SHOULD see motion events no matter how the device is configured (occupancy etc.)

One last thing - this is a custom DTH. That means the device will NOT be eligible for local automation.