Zwave Lock standard device type Unlock with Timeout?

I rely on text to speech, so I can’t read the device type. Using the standard Zwave device type.

Why would an “unlock with timeout” command be sent?

My officially supported lock using the standard Z wave device type, no custom code, has been randomly unlocking for three days. One of the log entries showed “unlock with timeout” and I’m never seen that before.

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I know this isn’t your code, I just need a lock expert, any explanation on what “unlock with timeout” is?


Is this something you can lend some knowledge too?

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Hmm, unlockwtimeout is an action on the Z-Wave Lock device type that corresponds to a Z-Wave command to unlock and then automatically lock again after a timeout.

As far as I know, none of the official SmartThings SmartApps or Solutions call that action, though I’ll ask around to see if it’s been added somewhere.

Do you have any custom SmartApps connected to the lock? If you give a list I could check through their code, or if you want me to access your account I could look to see if any are calling that action. A precise time of one of the unlocks would also be useful.

No custom code at all. Supported device, standard Z wave lock device type, and one routine that unlocks the door from the inside if a motion sensor triggers. I’ll PM you with the times. Thanks!

You should also email support to open a ticket if you haven’t yet and mention that I offered to look into it. Just so I have official permission to pull the logs.


I have a Schlage Century and it has an autolock feature that locks it after a timeout. Any chance you accidentally turned on some autolocking feature on your lock by accident?

Or is this command specifically being sent by SmartThings?

I’ve had the lock installed for a year, and it always had the autolock feature turned on. That’s actually why I bought it. But this is the first time I have seen that command in the smartthings logs sent from the hub.

And there was no initiating event. Just this random unlock after timeout.

Usually the command is just unlock.

OK, we’ve tracked the problem to an IFTTT issue in the SmartThings channel, but none of the recipes are new they just began failing this week. Apparently some of the executions failed altogether, and some of them were delayed. The combination was causing the strange lock behavior that we were seeing.

One one hand… that sucks and I’m sorry. Don’t know whether it was us or IFTTT so I am just apologizing anyways.

On the other… Glad you go it figured out!!! :smile:

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IFTTT says it was SmartThings, FWIW.