Zwave device for detecting exterior trailer move/tilt/vibration?

Hi - first post as I just got started on this smart home thing during my current renovation. I have an ST v2 device inbound with a few basic sensors (water,door,socket) to start with, but just thought I’d like to add a zwave device that can be triggered when my boat trailer parked next to the garage is moved/shifted/lifted. This will be part of the home monitoring aspect of the system. There will be a garage door sensor close by (which I think should be a good ‘repeater’ for the outdoor sensor). I was thinking some sort of tilt/vibration sensor attached to the inside rail (or otherwise hidden on trailer) should suffice…like a garage door sensor? However the at-rest position of the trailer will not be exactly horizontal or vertical, so the sensor needs some flexibility. I will remove the sensor prior to taking to the lake (so probably attached via velcro, or hard-case pocket). Partially weatherproof is preferred, or easily weatherproofed device is viable.

Suggestions or other use cases I’m not aware of?

Thanks in advance!

Monoprice Shock Sensor

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I know its not Z-wave, but the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor would be pretty good for that. It senses vibration & orientation and as a bonus runs as a local device. Rather than have it removable I would place in an IP68 housing and cable to to the trailer.

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disagree - Look at the past year of posts about the current gen ST multisensor, and you see many reports of false acceleration, and sudden death of device reports. Practically useless.

OP, A motion sensor in a sheltered location (under the trailer, shield lens from road debris and away from forward direction) may work. Aim it to detect legs or maybe the rotating wheel( which I guess is too late!).

If the trailer is a valuable target then have more than one sensor.

A shock sensor on the frame might work well, mounted inside on the channelled iron. Like Rboy suggested "Vision Z-Wave Shock, Vibration & Glass Break Sensor " . You want to know if someone starts to hook up? Frame should feel the hookup real fast. Always lock the lever, then when they cut it, you might get notified of that action.

A wireless garage door “sensor” is not a repeater, but I can’t tell what sensor you mean.

Disagree all you want. I have had three of these workimg flawlesly for 2 years now. I also have a webcore rules that detect a knock on the door to trigger a camera to take a picture. Again all working well.