Matching Zooz smart dimmer to dumb 3-way switch in the same 2-gang box


I have some Zooz smart dimmers alongside dumb (Leviton) 3-way switches in the same 2-4-gang boxes. I notice 2 things:
1. The colors do not match; and
2. The Leviton dumb switch is not flush with the Zooz dimmer.

Can anyone suggest any other dumb 3-way switch that would better match the Zooz dimmers in terms of color and shape/size when used in the same box. The main issue I see is that the Leviton dumb switch doesn’t stick out as much as the Zooz dimmer making it look very unmatched.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Probably won’t help you now but FYI Zooz’s has recently updated most of their switches to better match Leviton Decora. Always good to ask before purchasing.

Zooz updated their white color. I read where you can request the newer less bright color so I would suggest reaching out to the Smartest House directly. If you purchase through Amazon you will likely get the older bright color.

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Yeah I couldn’t remember off hand which models are shipping the new color already. Amazon is most likely old stock.


Hi @rbcap if you can get in touch with us, we can help you have the dimmer replaced with the latest version that has a matching white color. In terms of paddle size, the Zooz switch are standard and comparable to any Z-Wave switch we’ve seen.

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