Zooz V2 Switches - HUGE improvement over V1

If, like me, you preferred the GE/Jasco switches over the V1 Zooz switches, it’s time to revisit that decision.

Some changes are fairly minor. For instance, the V1 switches didn’t have any tactile feedback (click) like GE/Jasco switches. Zooz has remedied that with V2. Also, like the GE/Jasco switches, Zooz V2 switches now include the convenient pre-stripped wire pigtail for connecting your neutral wire.

But the biggest, most impressive change of all is that the Zooz V2 switches now support 3-way operation with standard, run-of-the-mill 3-way switches! This means circuits that previously would have cost me around $60 or more to automate can now be automated for around $30! The physical 3-way switch needs access to a traveler wire connected to the Zooz switch and a neutral connection. That’s it. It basically just works as a remote control for the Zooz switch. Whenever the traveler/neutral make (or break) a circuit, the Zooz switch toggles its on/off status. Brilliant!

I’m going to be automating so many more light circuits in my house thanks to the revisions in V2. Thank you, Zooz!


I never had the V1, but I agree about the V2. I posted a review on the paddle dimmer here: