zooZ Indoor Siren ZSE-01

Hey folks, I have created another device type for the zooZ line. It was mentioned in another thread about their motion sensor so I figured I should make a separate thread for those search bots!

Code is here

It pairs insecure, so don’t worry about strafe-tapping it. Also, remember (or read their site) that just because it has a battery box doesn’t make it “battery operated” those batteries are for backup and only last about 6 hours or so effectively. There is also no battery tile because it doesn’t support the battery command class as it is a Always On Slave / Routing Slave, which means it is designed to be powered by mains power.

Device can be triggered as a switch or as a siren for your convenience in integrating into SHM or any other smart apps.

Feedback as always is appreciated.



Thanks, I just used this successfuly with my new Zooz siren!

I wonder how could I go about adding a setting for loudness level? The siren seems to support COMMAND_CLASS_POWERLEVEL and some searching indicates that’s for sound level but your device handler doesn’t seem to support that.

Power level CC is actually for the zwave radio power level. There is no setting for volume on this device. Sorry man.

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Ah, thanks for clarification! It doesn’t matter much, the siren is loud enough already anyway.

Thanks as well for the code. Anyone expereincing difficulties in getting the Zooz siren to turn off once activated? it seems that I can’t find a reliable method of doing so. If I go to the Dashboard status screen (IOS) neither disarm or touching the red box with the house symbol and then dismissing the event stops the siren. I also can go to the My House screen where the siren shows on/alarmed (can’t remember exact) and touching to turn off but that also seems to have no effect. At the moment I believe that the siren is either reaching the timeout set (5 min) and shutting off by itself or as I continue to wildly go from Dashboard turnoff to device screen siren turn off one eventually works.
The Zooz siren is in the garage and relatively the closest device to the V2 hub (approx 30 feet).

Appreciate all thoughts.


30 feet with how many walls and stuff in between?

Look at the live logging in SmartThings and see the responses. I would bet it’s a connection issue. Try it with the siren closer to the hub.

Thanks for the input Robert. First off the hub and the siren have one wall between them and again no more than 30 feet total distance. I’m hoping its not a distance thing since the Zooz is a zwave plus I was expecting that to be less of a problem.
Here is a picture of the events, read from the bottom up. Thanks for the interest/



For clarity, nothing between the wall and the siren other than the wall itself.
Further background: I am using 2 iPhones for presence. when both leave the alarm is activated, when either arrives alarm is deactivated. This alarm event began this morning when I got up and Smartthings did not recognize my iPhone as present. Since my wife was at the Gym this caused the alarm to be armed/ away. As soon as I triggered the alarm with motion, going to my iPhone and trying to disable it, it then recognized my iPhone as coming home or now present. This did not stop the alarm however.


That sounds like a different issue. You should be able to turn the siren off like a switch by toggling its individual things tile.

The problem is with smart home monitor. Disarming it after an alarm has gone off does not always (ever?) turn off the lights and sirens that were turned on by the previous alarm. In other words you switched it back into the disarm state, but the individual devices don’t get changed.

Thanks for the clarification (disarm does not change certain device states) in SHM. I guess I need to wrap the siren in something (to muffle) and test repeatably by toggling the siren things tile.

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You could set up a routine which both disarms SHM and turns off the siren and then display that routine as a widget on your phone/watch which would give you a very quick way to reset things.

I just did as you suggested with a Routine called turn siren off. Setting it to turn siren off and place SHM in Disarm mode. Now for some testing. Appreciate the great input!!!


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