Zooz dimmer for lifx


I bought a lifx mini and a zooz dimmer switch for one of our bedroom

The idea was to be able to control the light with the app and with the dimmer. I did’nt read on the lifx website that they weren’t compatible with an hardware dimmer switch :frowning:

Now, I know that their is switch cover but I was thinking about a way to make the dimmer act as smart button, is there a was to achieve that? To avoid that the tap down remove the power to the light and send a signal to dim the light ?

Please help

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You could hard wire the load to the bulb and then use the mirror function in Smart Lights between switch and bulb.

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humm any tutorial about that ?

Hi @plboucher, we’re the brand owners of Zooz so you can just reach out to the support over at Zooz with images of the current switch box where the dimmer will go (we’ll need to see how the switch controlling the light that the lifx is replacing was wired to it) and you’ll get detailed instructions on how to wire it so it doesn’t control it directly but just through the hub. Please also include information on which app you’re using (new or Classic) so we can see what the simplest solution for you would be to program it.



Thanks a lot, will create a ticket soon!

I just ordered a couple of these (was going to go with Leviton, but I found I’m happy with Zooz) and have been thinking about this idea. With a good rule set, these dimmers could hypothetically do one thing at one time of day and a different thing at a different time. That is, in addition to directly controlling whatever they are connected to.

Sooo. I’m eager to hear how this works out.

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I did that with my Lightify dimmer for a while - during the day, tap turns the light on and off, but at night, “off” triggers a dim-down sequence so I have time to walk back to the bed. I didn’t wind up keeping it, but it worked fine.