Zmodo Mini IPC WiFi 720p Camera with 2-way Audio $27 (sale)

Zmodo Mini IPC WiFi 720p Camera with 2-way Audio seems like a heck of a deal IF you can stand the cloud-only recording. No local streaming options, which kills it for me with my 0.7 Mbps upstream craptastic DSL.

Peeves me greatly that manufacturers leave this ability out of their cameras in the hopes of getting ongoing cloud fees.

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That’s what I’m experiencing now on my Kuna outdoor sconce fixture… $60/year is the cheapest option to view video more than 2 hours ago.

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Just had a thought. When kuna notifies it sensed motion, can tasker or something trigger the app, do a macro of taps, download to a folder on a tablet/phone, that syncs to a cloud storage service or network share? I don’t have tasker so not real sure if it’s abilities in this regard.

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I’ve had the same thought, actually – at least to have a tablet or some Android device using the Kuna notification to trigger a SmartThings virtual Motion Sensor…; which, in turn, could trigger a SmartThings controlled smart bulb (Hue… in Christmas colors…).

Opening the Kuna App and initiating the “Download Clip” is likely to be more difficult… Not to mention that Kuna restricts the number of downloads to only 3 per month. They are very stingy.

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Wow, even after my trial expired I know I’ve downloaded more than that, maybe it was on the 31st and 1st and I didn’t notice!

Hmm, this camera looks similar to another vendors camera that I poked into (I have 2).

I find these cameras pretty scary as they send off the camera’s video and audio to a remote server, with your WiFi password (in plain text) and I was able to login to the camera as root via telnet. My opinion is that these are easy targets for all sorts of shenanigans.