Zigbee thermostat

I have two carrier ConfortChoice thermostats in my home that are Zigbee protocol, andi I am currently using the wink hub but are very displeased with it because of the unreliability and that it cant connect with my thermostats and i am looking into buying the SmartThings hub but i do not know if the smart things can connect to zigbee thermostats and would like to know before i buy!

I don’t see it on the official list of supported products. See here…

However, someone in the community may have created a device handler for it. Perhaps they will chime in on this thread.

Zigbee offers multiple “profiles” and not all are compatible with each other.

The Carrier ComfortChoice thermostat is currently using the zigbee smart energy profile. Both wink and smartthings use the zigbee home automation profile. So neither can control that thermostat model at the present time.

Carrier has announced that they intend to be certified for zigbee home automation soon but no specific timeline yet.

The smart energy certification logo is green with a tree on it, the home automation certification logo is orange with a house on it.

The comfort choice thermostat was originally released as a thermostat that power companies might want to help subsidize, so it was set up to integrate with their smart meters, which generally use the smart energy zigbee profile.


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