Connect Presence/People Power company sensors?

Hi, anyone know a company called Presence/People power? I got some their zigbee sensors through utility company. They can connect to their own hub. However it won’t connect to smartthings hub v2. Is zigbee capable of restricting hub connection?

Zigbee has many different profiles, including proprietary one. Smarthings supports zigbee ZLL, ZHA and the newer hub supports 3.0.

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It says HA compliant solution: Green Power protocol in their user manual found on FCC web site.

SmartThings does not support the Green Power profile.


Do you know any hub compatible with this profile? Is Wink going to work? Thanks

No, wink does not support the green power profile either. Phillips hue Bridge does, but only for preapproved devices, so I don’t think these devices will work with that either.

Is there a reason you don’t want to use their own hub?

The bub only supports Zigbee. I have some zwave devices. I want to have one hub ruling them all. Plus they may charge month fee next year.

Then you really only have a few low cost options: Hubitat and SmartThings as they both use Zwave/Zigbee.
But are not compatible with proprietary Zigbee profiles.