Zigbee thermostat for vents

My house has very tall ceilings in my living room. So, I installed Keen Vents in every other room and wrote a piston in webcore that controls the vents based on temp in the room, the temp of the vent (so it knows if it is heating or a/c) and what the heating / cooling set point is on the main Ecobee thermostat. That way the vents will close when the room reaches the heating or cooling setpoint of the thermostat. The vents and the piston work great most of the time. The issue is that the wife and I like to sleep with it very cold so the thermostat temp kicks way down at night. I would like to be able to add a thermostat in each bedroom so the the vents would close at an adjustable temp, vs the temp of my main Ecobee. Otherwise, when we have company, I have to override the Ecobee schedule and we wake up sweating. Do any of you have any suggestions. Physical would be best, so the guest could adjust them. But, virtual thermostats would work if there is such a thing…

I did something similar, and I created a piston for each room. I also provided some variables for temperature offsets for this very reason. For example, my mother-in-law likes her room warmer, so the vent stays closed, even when others have it cooling. I have an ecobee thermostat with a remote temperature sensor in each room, but this could just as easily work with any temperature sensor you have in the rooms.

Just a reminder on the use of webcore… when ST ends support for groovy on the platform… webcore will cease

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This should be easy with Aqara Temperature sensor, that looks identical like one Kheen sels with their system.
You can use @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge driver that makes any zigbee temperature sensor into Thermostat. You can easily adjust temperature like on real thermostat, by selecting +/- or any other way. You just need to create Routines for each thermostat and coresponding vent.
This two devices are indentical sensors with different drivers assigned, ine as plain temperature humidity sensor, and other one as thermostat sensor

Maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo could also try to add Kheen vent to his driver as is zigbee device too, and control vent directly without routines, but he will not have access to CLI until some time in August.

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I have not dove off into edge drivers yet. You said that his driver can be used to change any zigbee temp sensor into a thermostat. So, my question is, since I am using Iris Motion Sensors with temperature, and Ecolink contact sensors with temperature, will somethin like this still work, or would I need a dedicated temp sensor.

If is this iris motion sensor, is included in the driver.
It works as a motion sensor and thermostat.

- id: "iMagic by GreatStar/1117-S"
    deviceLabel: Iris Multipurpose Sensor
    manufacturer: iMagic by GreatStar
    model: 1117-S
    deviceProfileName: motion-temp-humid-therm-battery


The ecolink contact sensor, if the test with the Iris motion sensor convinces you, I would have to add it, but it would be in August. Now I don’t have access to the cli.

This is the link to thread with information

Thermostat driver