Zigbee Smart Switch and Zigbee Smart Outlet

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I’m just new about smart things and stuff. I have a home project that has 4 floors. I’d like to incorporate smart switches and smart outlets. Having known that we need only 1 Zigbee Coordinator. Can this type of zigbee switches and zigbee outlets can act as a router/repeaters?

Also is it ok to use around 40 - 60 zigbee switches and outlets in 1 building?

Please see attached photo for the switches and outlets im planning to buy in Alibaba

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That’s something you would need to find out from the manufacturer but I’d be very supprised if they were Zigbee repeaters as well as actual devices.

Smartthings Zigbee capacity should be fine at 60 devices. I forget what the maximum is but there is another post querying tha max number at around 200. Try looking for that first.

@JDRoberts maybe able to help.

Thank you sir. I was hoping someone might have already used this kind of devices and would know if they can act as a repeaters.

The number of Zigbee devices can go well above 200, depending upon the hub and how many repeaters you have. I have almost 280 devices (about 100 are switches), and have been over 300. I think you may be confusing the 200 number to the limit ST has allowed to be added via the mobile app, but that’s going away, plus there are workarounds if you have a Samsung device or an older Android device using an older version of the ST mobile app, or you’re an iPhone user.


In theory those should be repeaters if they are AC (mains) powered devices, but to be safe you should get the specs to be sure.

The number of devices you’re proposing would definitely need a repeater to ensure proper coverage and to build your mesh properly, plus ST’s hub (your coordinator) only allows for only a limited number of Zigbee devices to be directly connected as you’ve mentioned.

I have not personally used those devices, but be wary of those because they may likely use a zigbee cluster that ST does not support (especially now that Edge drivers are coming), or you may have to write your own driver. It may work just fine for basic on/off functions, but if there’s energy metering capabilities I would suspect those may use those manufacturer specific Zigbee clusters.

Also, remember you get what you pay for from Alibaba. I’ve gotten some decent stuff from that site, but I’ve been burnt and sending stuff back can be next to impossible. Also, watch out for counterfeits.

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Thank you sir for your advices. As for the switches and outlets yes they are hard wired. Mind if I ask what kind of repeaters do you use and do you have also a switch that act as a repeaters. I’m having trouble looking for repeaters.

Multi gang Tuya devices need special code which may not be available when the switch to Edge drivers is made. See the following about Moes (Tuya) devices. [Device Handler] Moes 2 and 3 gang Zigbee wall switch ( cluster EF00)
All hard wired zigbee switch and plugs will likely be repeaters.

Hi @Imzkie,

I have quite a variety of devices that act as repeaters, and they’re all switches or outlets. There really isn’t a device that’s just a zigbee repeater.

Every single in-wall switch is a GE/Jasco Zigbee switch or dimmer. Those alone have created a very good mesh for all my other devices. I also have several in-wall outlets, with are also GE/Jasco. I also have numerous wall plugs on appliances, and those are also GE/Jasco. I also have older ST/Iris wall plugs, as well as a few Innr wall plugs. Everything I just mentioned are also repeaters. I also have Aqara’s double rocker switch w/neutral, which works well with ST, including energy monitoring, but it requires a custom DTH.

To add to @Paul_Oliver 's answer, currently Edge drivers can’t create child devices. Further, even providing a custom name for each component (i.e. gang or channel) is not supported.
This means, that it is not possible to control a specific gang with Aleksa or similar voice assistant.
Therefore, the community interest in developing edge drivers for multigang switches will probably be limited.
On the other hand, groovy is being phased out, so supporting DHTs for such devices will probably get lower priority (if any).

Please be advised when choosing multigang switches/modules, unless you plan to use another ecosystem.

Concerning the special code, required for Tuya devices, I think it is fairly easy to implement. Once ST solves fundamental issues with Edge, I think we will see multiple drivers developed. BTW, some Aqara’s devices also have comparability issues and require special handling.

Another thing, only switches/modules that are connected with neutral wire can serve as repeaters.

Even a single vendor might have models that can be used as repeater, can’t be used as repeaters (usually will not require a neutral wire, but not always) and can be used as repeaters only when connected with neutral wire (i.e. supporting both types of wiring, but will not be repeaters if connected without neutral).
Therefore, you will need to research the specific model you are planning to buy.