Zigbee RGBW Controller not allowing "White"

Hello all!
I recently purchased a Zigbee RGBW Controller to replace a WiFi RGBW Controller which came with my RGBW LED Strip.
I managed to add the strip easily enough (which came up as a “Zigbee RGBW Bulb” in the IDE), but the White LEDs do not get used; this is despite changing the “color temperature” in the SmartThings app (which continually jumps back to 6536k) or asking a voice assistant to “make it white” (which makes no change).
I tried all other device types in the drop down list with RGBW in the name but there was either no change, or the strip stopped responding entirely.
Using the button on the controller, I can still manually change the strip to white.
Anyone have any ideas to get the White portion of the strip working? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Do the other colors correspond correctly when changed via Smartthings, i.e., red is red, blue is blue etc…?

Other than that, I’m thinking the white channel might be on another endpoint, which isn’t being configured/used by the stock Device Handlers.

Who makes the controller? I’m relatively sure there is a DTH that will work, but will likely need to be added manually.

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Thanks for your reply @blkwll
All RGB is correctly controlled through ST.

It is sold as a “TUYA Zigbee” unit, but no actual manufacturer/model number is given.
The exact unit I purchased is available on eBay (For Tuya ZigBee LED Light String Controller RGB DC 5-24V Lamp Strip Dimmer | eBay)

I am fairly certain it is Zigbee ZLL.

Any idea what custom DTH I should start experimenting with?

Almost exactly the one I’ve been looking at, so this will nice if able to get working.

I’ll look into these a bit more, but right off I’m wondering you have tried the ZLL RGBW bulb DTH? I know there are a few modified ones around, if you’ve tried that one, and it doesn’t work.

I’ll see what I can dig up, when I get back on later.


Ok… So, the version you have (5 pin) is the one that people have been complaining about not working with any of the available Device Handlers in the Hubitat forum and some have reported the same with Smartthings.

Not to suggest it won’t be doable, but just a heads-up that the RGB-CCT (6 pin) seems to be working with available DTH.

for reference:
Anyone used this TUYA LED strip controller with success? - #24 by pavr27 - Devices - Hubitat (mostly toward the end of the thread)

I’ll do some more digging…

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OK, I’m mostly coming up empty, but this thread might offer some clues to get them working:

I don’t want to oversimplify by suggesting you try the Sengled RGBW DTH and it will “just work” but stranger things have happened…(the DTH will be the groovy one in the following github dir/)…

Obi’s Sengled handler is the one that is being tinkered with in the before-mentioned thread.

Edit: I tried the Sengled DTH with a generic Zigbee RGBW bulb, and it works fine, with that , at least.

I would be interested to know if you have any luck with it.

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I tried a few of the Custom DTHs from that thread, but unfortunately there was no difference.

There isn’t a “White” option in the app, so I am changing the Color Temperature value to try and force the white LEDs (which always jumps back to 6536K) and doesn’t change anything.

Ther annoying thing is if I manually switch the strip to the White LEDs (using the button on the controller), there is power/brightness control through ST, and I can switch to the LEDs through ST, just not back to white!

Any other insight?

I think that most people who bought one of these (5 pin) ultimately have decided to use it as strictly an RGB device

I imagine if someone bought one, who had the skills to make a custom handler for it, it would have been developed already. Maybe it has, but I’ve not been able to dig it up.

That does seem odd, the ability to partially control white, when manually switched. It has me thinking, mostly guessing, that it may have to do with a separate endpoint for the white.

So, more shots in the dark on this, but here is another thread which might offer some more clues:

I think the solution in this case was this DTH:

Good luck, if I had one to experiment with I would.


Wow - I need to brush up on my “Searching” game!

I think we are on the right track now - I checked my Endpoints with the ones from that DTH and they are the same:
inClusters: “0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,0300,1000”, outClusters: “0019”
(not that I really understand how they work, YET…)

The result is that the RGB portion works correctly, but trying to use the “color wheel” to select white (which normally would be the RGB mix) times out; in addition, the color temperature section in the ST app shows a “cloud” icon (ie is not working).

So same result, but I think we are closer to finding a solution… I am going to do some looking within the DTH and see if something jumps out at me…
(but if anyone is better at modifying DTH’s please jump in :stuck_out_tongue: )

I may have spoken too soon.
I cannot seem to get my “Hub Log” to list the endpoints like in the screenshots on that topic; any ideas what I’m doing wrong (or is it just an update on the ST platform)?

My Hub Log gave me these results:

zbjoin: {"dni":"6B92","d":"CC86ECFFFE3CDC75","capabilities":"8E","endpoints":[{"simple":"01 0104 010D 01 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 1000 0008 0300 02 0019 000A","application":"42","manufacturer":"_TZ3000_ukuvyhaa","model":"TS0504B"},{"simple":"F2 A1E0 0061 00 00 01 0021","application":"","manufacturer":"","model":""}],"parent":"0000","joinType":1,"joinDurationMs":3530,"joinAttempts":1}

You might know as much as me at this point, but this is just the sort of thing that I’m trying to get a better understanding of.

I just got a generic 2 channel Zigbee relay in the mail, that I’m going to experiment with this weekend. I’m really hoping that the Zigbee multi switch DTH will “just work”. If not I, I may have more to offer sooner that later, as I’ll be trying to work that out.

If I have any revelations, epiphanies, or just bad guesses, I will definitely share them. It’s fun stuff, after all.

There are some knowledgeable folk around here. Hopefully someone will shed some light, or drop a breadcrumb or two.

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Ive found the sengled one works for me on this one, does anyone know if their is a beta edge driver for this device yet.

I’m glad you had some success with that handler… I wish I knew something about a compatible edge driver, but I’ve been on a, not entirely intentional, hiatus from the forum, and consequently out of the loop.

Hoping someone may have the answer, though. Maybe the fact that the handler works would make an edge driver easier to manage.

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Just retested the Sengled DTH and still not working for me (can control RGB OR White, but can’t switch between them) so it must be down to the individual device - do you have a link to the specific item you have?
Damn, got my hopes up! Lol

Try this one