ZigBee repeater?

I know I’ve seen Z-wave repeaters, but does a Zigbee repeater exist?

Right now I have my Hub in my den because that’s where I have my network coming in. But my den is in the back of my house. When I pull into my drive way the presence sensors are sorta “hidden” from the den by the rest of the house until I get real close to the garage. Sometimes they come in range pretty quickly and my garage door opens as I’m still pulling in. Sometimes it doesn’t trigger until I’m stopped in front of my garage door and waiting.

I’ve thought about moving my hub more towards the front of the house, but this isn’t an easy thing to do. First, the side of the house that is along my driveway is also the side with my stairs. Meaning the front side is not an option. No windows, no outlets, no network options, no place to put the hub short of mounting it on the wall. The back part of the side is a 1/2 bath and my kitchen. Outlets exist there… but no network. And it would be very hard to get a network wire to either location. I’d have to cut through tile.

What I’d like to do is put a Zigbee repeater somewhere in the bathroom or kitchen where I have outlets and therefore wouldn’t need to run a power line. I do have a SmartPower outlet that I could use for this, but I’d rather not as I’m using it for another purpose right now, and I hate to see something used just as a repeater that is functional for other reasons. Any thoughts?


I ran into the same issue but honestly the SmartPower Outlet or SmartThings motion with USB power is the way to go. the Smartthings motion are usually at the edge of your network (doors, corner of rooms).

Hmm… I completely forgot that I have a motion sensor that I’m not using right now.

Now, where to put it? Anyone know the operating temp for these? I’m thinking about mounting it under the overhang of my garage outside. I’d have to come up with some sort of weather cover because I’m sure it isn’t rated to be out side in rain and snow. And I don’t care so much for the motion sensing… if that fails in cold weather… just as long as zigbee repeating is still going on.

Not sure the specs but I know they are not rated for outside. Do you have access above your garage? Junction box in the attic with USB out to the motion out of the weather.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I’m thinking.


This one also works well:

ya I need one too to get the presence sensors working better outside the garage. but 100 bucks for a dedicated repeater… I don’t think so