Problem with Smartthings motion sensors

I’ve been having consistent problems with several of my Smartthings 2nd Gen motion sensors. The sensors become “Unavailable” and I’m forced to reset the sensor, remove and add it back in. I tried to repair the Zigbee network, but it’s doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. These used to be very stable, but now they’re becoming a major headache.

Anyone have any ideas?

Try adding a ZigBee repeater between the sensor and the hub and replace the battery.

Thanks for the suggestion. I forgot to mention the batteries have all been replaced and the sensors are within 20 feet of the hub, would a repeater be necessary?

I’ve read that 2.4 ghz wifi can interfere with ZigBee. I was using channel 3, so I switched to channel 8. I’ll report back what happens.