Zigbee repeater tuya based

I have Smartthings hub v2 and in some rooms due to walls the zigbee signal is weak. I came across this small usb zigbee repeated which is tuya based.

I do not have any tuya zigbee repeater
can it extend the Smartthings hub zigbee signal or it needs to be paired with smartlife app only

Does this also require edge drivers

Thank you

Zigbee repeaters do not need any kind of drivers, but must be paired to the hub Zigbee network. So having it paired as a ‘thing’ is just OK.
These small Tuya Zigbee repeaters work very well in my opinion, despite the small (compromise?) antenna inside.

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It might work, but you shouldn’t need it. Almost all Zigbee smart plugs also work as repeaters and should be just as effective as the single purpose repeaters. So why not get a dual purpose device and get more for your money? :sunglasses:


So basically any electric powered zigbee smart plug will work as zigbee repeater.

Most of zigbee smart plugs I get are tuya compatible

I hope they work with Smartthings hub using edge drivers

How can I get it paired as a thing as they are tuya based and I can’t find any edge drivers for them

It’s up to the manufacturer whether they act as repeaters or not, and how many “children” they can repeat for.

For example, when they were first released the Sengled Zigbee smart plugs did not act as repeaters. That’s unusual, but allowable under the standard. And their current version do act as repeaters.

Usually it will say in the product description somewhere if it does, or you can ask the manufacturer.

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